Can and should people with regular jobs, work at home?

Written by Purva Mewar

Yes of course they CAN! They should!! People, who already have a regular 9-5 job going for them, also must work at home if you ask me. Everyone who has a computer and access to internet should take up working at home. According to me, it’s a lateral concept. The next paragraph will clear my point of view.

Instead of saving like crazies, un-necessarily living withrepparttar insecurity of “I may lose my job because of differences with my boss or downsizing in my company”, not being able to afford what you want, checking out better openings with better pay packet, having to prove yourself every timerepparttar 149268 job, or boss changes…. It’s a tiring, unending, run-of-the-mill story. There may be many such reasons, I can’t think of right now.

Taking up a work at home business will put an end to allrepparttar 149269 above problems. Basically, once you have a stream on income, other thanrepparttar 149270 regular office salary, insecurity becomes thing ofrepparttar 149271 past. And this extra income or home business is something you have full control over. The more hours you put in,repparttar 149272 better you earn. First few months are all work, work, and work without returns. But once you reach a certain level income starts and grows with each passing month.

God forbid but if circumstances compel you to quit your regular job, with your site/sites having reached Search Engine, you don’t have much to worry about. Withrepparttar 149273 initial 6-8 months of hard work gone intorepparttar 149274 site – you are absolutely safe. Depending onrepparttar 149275 income from your home business and your present needs start a new site and work onrepparttar 149276 existing one/ take up a new job for some more time if need be. You can opt for either ofrepparttar 149277 combinations. In another 8 months you would have exceeded what you were drawing as salary fromrepparttar 149278 job. With two sites doing well, means a LOT of traffic!!

Autoresponders - Simple Tweaks to Boost Returns

Written by Hamish Hayward

Autoresponders are, without a shadow of a doubt, one ofrepparttar most powerful and important tools available to anyone marketing onrepparttar 149242 internet today. They allow you to automatically send out a sequential series of email messages to prospects who have signed up to receive your information and who you therefore know are interested in what you’re offering.

They make it easy to build a relationship and establish interest and trust with your prospective customer or recruit and they minimiserepparttar 149243 amount time you need to devote to busy work. Byrepparttar 149244 time your prospect has got through your series of messages, if they feelrepparttar 149245 need to make further contact with you prior to making a decision, you are at least assured that they are sufficiently interested to merit your manual input andrepparttar 149246 time taken to communicate.

It depends very much onrepparttar 149247 type of product, service or opportunity that you’re marketing but it is generally accepted that somewhere between 5 and 9 “contacts”, or messages, are required before a customer is comfortable enough to make a decision. Seven is often quoted asrepparttar 149248 ideal number but it does vary and this should not be taken as gospel.

I am constantly surprised byrepparttar 149249 number of marketers, some of them very experienced, who load up their autoresponders with 7 messages, capturerepparttar 149250 email addresses of interested parties, send them their message series and leave it at that. If that’s what you’re doing then there are a couple of very simple tweaks you can make to improve your return onrepparttar 149251 time and money you spend to collect those valuable email addresses.

The first is simplicity itself and requires very little effort on your part – no need to even change your message series. Let’s assume that your message series consists ofrepparttar 149252 standard 7 and that this suitsrepparttar 149253 type of product your promoting perfectly well (it probably does). You send out these messages spaced one day apart overrepparttar 149254 course of a week, messages 1 to 5 are probably largely informative and messages 6 and 7 may well contain a “call to action”, possibly with a sense of urgency being introduced – although you may have introduced a call to action earlier inrepparttar 149255 series depending uponrepparttar 149256 product type.

Your prospects go through this series of messages and a percentage of them will take your advice and sign up for whatever your promoting. The majority of them won’t – that’s just statistics I’m afraid.

However, you can increase your sign up rate by something as simple as introducing an eighth and ninth message. Send message 8 a week after they receiverepparttar 149257 last inrepparttar 149258 main series of messages and send message 9 about 3 weeks after message 8. Just give them a gentle reminder about your offer and see if they’re still interested. Keeprepparttar 149259 wording generic and don’t repeat a hard sell – your original message series should have done allrepparttar 149260 selling – this is just a reminder.

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