Can a 50+ Man Find Temporary Happiness with a Much Younger Woman?

Written by Malcolm Goodway

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The following fictional dialog takes place between Malcolm Goodway, author of A Temporary New Wife, and a committed Skeptic:

S: Malcolm, you say that itís perfectly possible for a man even Ö letís say in his fifties, sixties or seventies Ö to establish a relationship with a considerably younger woman which is satisfying and rewarding to both of them. My first question would be, why would any a woman want to undertake such an arrangement? The obvious answer is that sheís trying to get him to set her up for life ó maybe by marrying him and inheriting his assets when heís gone.

G: Thatís certainlyrepparttar 132370 conventional wisdom; but any man who enters such a relationship without seeing that coming should have his head examined. Still, itís worth looking at that situation in detail to see exactly whatís wrong with it. The first thing thatís wrong is that itís dishonest on both sides.

S: Why do you say that? Isnít it understood by both parties that thatísrepparttar 132371 real reason forrepparttar 132372 relationship?

G: No, not unless it was said up-front and became an altogether explicit understanding between them. Did she say, Look, Iím willing to establish a sexual and maybe a cohabiting relationship with you as long as you leave me whatever assets you were planning to leave to your grandchildren when you die. I hope that wonít take too long.

Does he say, at my age I need an attractive young woman like you to excite me sexually, so Iím willing to let you believe youíll berepparttar 132373 heiress to all my assets. But Iím not planning to die any time soon, and Iím still going to leave most of my money to my family members even though you think itíll all go to you. Meanwhile, Iím planning to have as much fun in bed with you as I can untilrepparttar 132374 arrangement goes sour. But while itís going on, you better stay away from men your own age or itíll go sour pretty fast!

Said in this way, itís pretty obvious that an explicit arrangement like this must be very rare. People do not say that to each other up front. Instead, they each proceed alongrepparttar 132375 path of their own agenda even though these might be incompatible at their base. The source ofrepparttar 132376 dishonesty is thus implicit hidden agendas. In other words, there is no clear agreement at all betweenrepparttar 132377 participants.

S: So, how would you avoid this kind of dishonesty between two such people?

G: First of all, I would remove any question of assets and bequests fromrepparttar 132378 equation, and I would also not even consider setting a woman up into a paid parasitic existence. So what we are left with is an older man and a younger woman facing each other. What do you think he can offer her?

S: Certainly not physical attractiveness, unless she has a father complex.

G: Thatís not as rare as you might think. But as a first approximation, letís say youíre right. What has he to offer?

S: What indeed? Are you going anywhere with this, or just pulling my chain?

G: How about knowledge and experience?

S: Yes, I suppose so. But while it might make for good conversation atrepparttar 132379 dinner table, why would a woman have such a critical need for that?

G: Not any woman, such a specific type; or rather a woman with a very specific need.

S: Still canít imagine what that could be. Do you really have some kind of answer, or are you just playing mind games?

G: Think of a woman who, when very young, interrupted her education to get married, then quickly had children, and not too much later was abandoned by her husband because he couldnít takerepparttar 132380 responsibility for his family. There must be millions of relatively young women in that kind of situation.

You're Not an Animal: Black Men Reclaim Your Dignity

Written by Peggy Butler

A bizarre and controversial commentary that makes you think, react and say, ďis that possible?Ē It begins with a strange premise and ends with a shocking twist you have to read to believe.

Prelude: Since 1989, much attention has been devoted torepparttar status of Black men and their ďinevitable demise.Ē But regardless of what western civilization thinks, Black America continues its tradition of giving props to these courageous warriors. So, to Black men from Alabama to Wyoming, this commentary is dedicated to you.

Picture this scenario: A colossal public housing project embodying 26 buildings, 4210 apartments and 15,000 tenants, stands unnoticed in a low-income residential district surrounded by garbage and overgrown shrubs. Enteringrepparttar 132366 high-rise pigstyóyouíre overwhelmed byrepparttar 132367 stench of urine and cheap wine emanating fromrepparttar 132368 stairwells.

Turning a corner, you walk gingerly amid broken glass and used condoms litteringrepparttar 132369 corridors. Nauseated and disgusted more surprises are in store. As you head forrepparttar 132370 exit, you pass an abandoned apartment and watch as a middle-age man jabs a syringe into his arm trying vainly to escape reality. Forging ahead, you watch as gangs fight over neighborhood turf.

As you head forrepparttar 132371 exit, your feet grazerepparttar 132372 neighborhood drunks. Asleep inrepparttar 132373 doorway, unaware of their surroundings and too inebriated to care, they sleep soundly. Welcome torepparttar 132374 year 2289. Common sights likerepparttar 132375 ones above are observed inrepparttar 132376 congested buildings of Chicago,repparttar 132377 dilapidated projects of New York andrepparttar 132378 multi-complexes of Los Angeles.

It is now 289 years intorepparttar 132379 future and Black men have replaced animals in laboratory experiments. Having heard inrepparttar 132380 20th century that African-American men were moving toward extinction, it came to past. Now atrepparttar 132381 mercy of ruthless scientists, many struggle to reclaim their dignity, as they try to piece together how they came to exist in this state of upheaval.

The massive public housing project, home to 10,000 Black men also doubles as a laboratory. Ninety-five years ago, 50 percent of Americaís Black men, unable to cope with social discontent began wondering if there was a conspiracy against them. Thus, beganrepparttar 132382 journey of mass destruction.

On June 29, 2089, a group of young Black men visitedrepparttar 132383 Saravaela Laboratory in Laugford, Ohio. There, using an assortment of codes, they asked scientists to formulate an experiment using them as guinea pigs to determinerepparttar 132384 validity ofrepparttar 132385 conspiracy theory. A call went out for volunteers, and millions of men permitted themselves to become human fodder. At first they were treated like any other lab animal, but asrepparttar 132386 months passed, they were subjected to inhumane cruelty.

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