Can Your eBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

Written by Paula Morrow

Can Your eBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

by Paula Morrow

Can Your eBook Idea Survive The '5W' Acid Test?

If you've been cruisingrepparttar Internet highway for any length of time, you've run across tons of ebooks. They've almost risen to mythical proportions as "the" vehicle for producing unlimited profits. Even with this flooding of repparttar 108474 market,repparttar 108475 door's still open IF you develop an ebook that's highly targeted, serves a 'want' and delivers quality content.

So, you think you've fully analyzed your idea? Think it's a moneymaker? See how it stacks up inrepparttar 108476 following '5W' acid test, to determine whether it's ready to go or if more development is needed.

Here we go:

WHO is your audience? Have you determined whether there's a demand? Does it address a problem or want currently being discussed in discussion forums - is there a trend you can cash in on? Check it out now, to make sure your market exists - don't makerepparttar 108477 mistake of falling in love with an unprofitable topic!

For forums discussing Internet marketing:

For Internet marketing plus other markets:

WHAT is your markup going to be? 200%? More? What pricing will your market support? Are you pricing it too low/high? For help in this area, an affordable resource is Ken Evoy's 'Make My Price Sell!' manual. Click here for more information:

WHEN are you planning on launching? Is it a seasonal topic that should be launched at a specific time of year, or is it evergreen? Timing a launch correctly could be critical to your success.

WHERE will you promote it? On Pay-Per-Click search engines (go to for a complete listing)? With ezine sponsor or solo ads? By writing ezine articles (if you need help on where or how to submit your articles go to eZine Announcer at

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