Can You Really Make Money Selling New Release CD's & DVD's On eBay?

Written by Joe Clare

Being an active eBayer, I am often being asked about products to sell. A common question is "Where can I purchase products such as new release CD's DVD's and Video Games for Playstation and X box at a 75% to 100% discount. Well folks, this sort of discount on this type of merchandise is not available from Wholesalers or Dropshippers. The reason being,repparttar competitive nature ofrepparttar 145552 electronics industry, and simple supply and demand.

Still withrepparttar 145553 tremendous popularity of these products and their ease to package and ship, people want to sell them. So where can you find these products at a great price? Liquidators! Yes that's right, Liquidators! What exactly are Liquidators? You Ask. Well, as explained in my book "eBay Marketing Wholesale SourcePak" a Liquidator is a company who buys surplus, over runs, bankruptcies, and going out of business inventory etc. They purchase this merchandise for pennies onrepparttar 145554 dollar and in turn pass this saving on to you. There are many Liquidators who would have just what you are looking for. There are General Merchandise Liquidators who basically purchase and sell all sorts of general merchandise. And, there are Liquidators who specialize and only purchase and sell merchandise in a specific niche - say electronics.

What does it take?

Written by Stuart Simonton

6/26/05 Fellow entrepenuers,I want to askrepparttar world's greatest rhetorical question, what does it take to make money onrepparttar 145451 internet? Does anyone haverepparttar 145452 answer? Here is what i do know. You must have a product or service to offer,you must have advertising,and you must have buyers.In additon to these, you must have, patience,determination,lots of free time,and money. I have seen all ofrepparttar 145453 no investment required-huge profits websites that i care to. I have seen all ofrepparttar 145454 small investment-huge profits websites that i care to! All of these sites are probably making money......from uninformed people looking for a get rich quick program! I have invested in a few myself!

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