Can You Really Earn MONEY As An Affiliate?

Written by Maya Jakes

Copyright 2005 Jugglingmum

The answer is a most definite yes!

After researchingrepparttar topic of Affiliate Marketing for a few months (I like to be thorough!) I decided to run a little test and see if I could earn some real money – not pennies. I used strategies that top marketers appear to have been using for years and to my surprise and delightrepparttar 149045 results were simply amazing.

Over 1 month I wrote 3 ebooks and started my own newsletter. I’m now starting to see results and am very impressed withrepparttar 149046 financial rewards I’m receiving. Best of all, some ofrepparttar 149047 cash is a monthly recurring amount that will simply be paid into my bank account each and every month without me having to do anymore work to get it – as my daughter says, cool!

How am I earning money without my own website? I simply include relevant affiliate links in my ebooks, articles, reports and monthly newsletter. I also make sure that each email I send to a customer includes 1 relevant, recommended affiliate merchant link inrepparttar 149048 main body and of course, I also include my own website links as part of my signature. I already haverepparttar 149049 customer’s trust so get a high response rate.

Writing articles and ebooks is a fantastic way of generating targeted traffic to your website (if you have one) which in turn generates more sales and that means more money :). I sell my ebooks onrepparttar 149050 World’s biggest billboard – Ebay!

So far all of my ebooks have resell rights included. Basically, I sell 50 copies of each ebook, from just 1p, and then hopefully at least 1% ofrepparttar 149051 buyers will resell it for me and then 1% of their buyers, etc., etc. While everyone else is busy selling my ebook I get to work onrepparttar 149052 next one. I’m not really bothered about making money from sellingrepparttar 149053 ebook as I’m more interested in earning commission fromrepparttar 149054 affiliate links inside it.

I have Outlook set up as an auto responder so that when Paypal send me a payment notification, an email is immediately send to my buyer so they can download their eBook. I follow up a few days later asking if they’d like to sign up to my monthly newsletter and offer them another free eBook every month as an incentive. Now I can get some of my affiliate links in front of them every month without too much effort required.

RSS as a Change Agent

Written by Rok Hrastnik

Copyright 2005 Rok Hrastnik

To better understand how RSS is changingrepparttar way companies and individuals deliver and consume content onrepparttar 149044 macro scale, let us first remember how content is traditionally delivered and consumed.

People subscribe to e-mail newsletters or e-mail update services to get content delivered directly to their inboxes. It's (or better yet, was) convenient, easy and simple.

But, in order to get content delivered to their inboxes, they must first reveal their e-mail addresses, which are basically ID numbers that allow anyone who knows them to send whatever they like to these ID numbers.

In a perfect world people would only receiverepparttar 149045 content that they requested and only fromrepparttar 149046 people that they wanted to hear from -->repparttar 149047 people that can provide them with relevant information, specific to their interests and current situation.

But this is not a perfect world.

Sincerepparttar 149048 “ID number” allows anyone to contact anyone, people have very little control over who actually does contact them and what information they send them.

In a way, it's a “perfect democracy” that just doesn't work. Because, in reality, we don't want to hear from everyone that thinks they have something to say to us. In reality, we only want to hear from a very limited circle of people and receive very limited types of content categories.

But, forrepparttar 149049 sake ofrepparttar 149050 argument, let's presume that we are actually getting information only fromrepparttar 149051 people that we want to hear from. Unfortunately these people still haverepparttar 149052 power to send us whatever information they like, not justrepparttar 149053 information we want to receive from them. Basically, they haverepparttar 149054 power to push any kind of content to our e-mail inboxes.

We can either unsubscribe, if they give us this opportunity, from their e-mail service or continue to receive their content as it is. One ofrepparttar 149055 problems with this is that unsubscribing can be a rather tedious process, definitely not a two-click affair, and some people even doubt thatrepparttar 149056 unsubscribe feature will actually work.

This is our reality.

We are, more or less, forced to receive content we mostly don't want to receive, and forrepparttar 149057 content that we do want to receive, we also have to put up with much information we don't want to get.

This isrepparttar 149058 “democratic” nature of e-mail and many marketers and publishers have been abusing it for a long time. It's notrepparttar 149059 medium's fault of course; it's just that people are who we are.

And now enter RSS in torepparttar 149060 picture, a “new” channel that users need to proactively add to their content consumption mix, including proactively adding content publishers they want to hear from, thus eliminatingrepparttar 149061 “democracy” of e-mail, conversely, limiting our “content diet” only torepparttar 149062 publishers we actually want to hear from.

But there's more.

One of this channel's characteristics is that it's extremely easy to remove content publishers you don't want to hear from.

Now, all of us have very limited time for online content consumption. It's always been this way, but with e-mail content consumption we usually don't even bother ourselves with unsubscribing fromrepparttar 149063 content we don't want to receive, since we already receive hundreds of SPAM e-mails per day anyway, so why bother with unsubscribing from a few e-mail lists andrepparttar 149064 few additional e-mails we receive per week. Most people don't even know anymore what they subscribe to since they have no unified view of all of their e-mail subscriptions.

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