Can You Make Money Online Without Selling?

Written by Mark Tse

In internet marketing, there are many people who have not make a sale. When you ask them why they are so difficult to make their first sale, most of them will tell you that it is because they do not have selling experience before.

Do you agree? I donít.

In my opinionrepparttar most critical obstacles that stop their first sale is what they think about selling. They actually donít like to sell, or even hate to sell. They think selling is unethical.

This is common, very common. But donít take this as an excuse to stop making money online. In internet direct selling is notrepparttar 139443 only way to make money.

Have you heard of Google? Have you buy anything from Google directly? No? Then how does Google make money?

By selling advertising spaces - let others not you to sell from your site.

Sleep With 'Em First!

Written by Ed Williams

Well, as I sit here writing this, itís very quiet. The air is cool andrepparttar house is dark,repparttar 139398 only light emanating from within beingrepparttar 139399 light from my computer. Itís so quiet here, in fact, that I can hearrepparttar 139400 rhythm from my fingertips as they dance across this keyboard. Sounds likerepparttar 139401 perfect writerís scenario, doesnít it? The problem is that it isnít, in fact, this whole situation blows. It happens to be 6 am on a Saturday morning and Iím sitting here wide awake!

How does this happen? How can I be so tired each Monday through Friday morning when I must get up, yet voluntarily wake up early on Saturday? Each workday, as I struggle to get out of bed, my mind consoles me by telling merepparttar 139402 following,

ďItís okay, just push yourself until Saturday and then you can sleep in and make up for allrepparttar 139403 time you lost duringrepparttar 139404 week.Ē

What a lie! It never works out that way, instead, I spend a bleary-eyed Saturday most weeks on account of my own brain. What a sad state of affairs, your own brain working against your own personal comfort. The worst thing is, I really like to sleep. Sleep makes you feel better, itísrepparttar 139405 best cure for colds imaginable, and Iíve learned that you can tell a lot about people based on sleep.

Donít think so? Well, letís consider a few things. You can tell just how much make-up and facial enhancement someone goes through life with when you wake up before they do one morning. Letís face it, more than one marriage has gotten off to a rocky start whenrepparttar 139406 male ofrepparttar 139407 equation discovers that his blushing bride has had a whole lot of cosmetic help re her ďlook.Ē And letís not stop there, sleeping can let you know how heavy someone is. Ladies, isnít it true thatrepparttar 139408 heavier a guy isrepparttar 139409 more he snores? I thought so. You can actually assign some scientific logic to this, becauserepparttar 139410 heavier someone is,repparttar 139411 thicker their throat will be, so when they suck down air during sleep it moves along their throat. The resultant effect is somewhat like that of an electric bass - their vocal chords vibrate, snoring results, and after a sleepless night or tworepparttar 139412 woman decides to put said heavy guy on a diet. And all because of sleep.

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