Can You Hypnotize in Print?

Written by Dorian Greer

How Do You Know if You've Been Hypnotized?

You may not realize this now, that hypnotic phrasing and command structures are all around you, in conversation, in print, and especially on daytime talk radio. You're being quietly programmed to think in certain ways, to associate with certain things, and even to identify with a certain social self image.

You may not think you're being influenced very much, until you discover how really easy it is to reprogram someone else, yourself. You might now notice too that most psychotherapy, for example, is simplyrepparttar reprogramming of someone else.

The common key is that it's all done with words. Putting someone into a trance is done with words. Posthypnotic suggestions are done with words.

Wide Awake Hypnosis

Giving someone covert commands or suggestions are all done with words. Posthypnotic actions performed by ordinary people like you are influenced with words by people like me. And it's all done with words. You would like a demonstration?

Hell, exorcisms have a lot of pomp and ceremony but they are still performed with words! Words are used to kick out devils and demons, conjure spells, charms, healrepparttar 126102 sick, tick people off, and communicate with God.

If you haven't figured it out yet, words are what turnsrepparttar 126103 ordinary person like you, like me, like whoever does good, into avatars of personal power.

And, you might even be astonished to know that performing wide awake hypnosis on others is actually easier to do than trance. Would you like to "hear" it in action?

Developing the Courage to Be Imperfect

Written by Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, Management Consultant and Trainer

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You may be feeling insecure and unsure of your next move. You might have been trying your best to change. Or, you might not have seen any significant changes in your behavior or in your thinking since you started your earnest efforts.

Don't give up! Don't worry! Positive change, like anything else, takes time and practice. Inrepparttar 126102 meanwhile, I encourage you to developrepparttar 126103 courage to be imperfect. With this ever-increasing courage, you'll be in a better position to focus your energies on your present that you can influence rather than worry about your past that you cannot change nor your future that you cannot control.

To help you get on your way, here is a list of items to consider:

Human perfection is impossible;repparttar 126104 pursuit of it is not.

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