Can You Handle a Long Distance Relationship?

Written by Debbie Anderson

A long distance relationship will work for you if:

- You trust your partner completely.

- You like to spend time alone.

- You have many outside hobbies and interests

- You're like a sexual camel and can go weeks, if not months, without sexual intimacy.

- You can afford high speed Internet, are computer literate and can operate a web cam.

- You love to talk onrepparttar phone.

- You know how to turn your lover on overrepparttar 141625 phone andrepparttar 141626 Internet.

- You don't feel lonely when out with other couples.

- You haverepparttar 141627 confidence that you can handle this relationship well, no matter what comes your way (including a possible separation.)

- You know how to keep busy.

- You have supportive friends.

A long distance relationship will NOT work for you if:

- You orrepparttar 141628 other partner has a history of alcoholism or addiction. Often infidelity and unpredictability accompany these issues leading to a long-distance catastrophe.

Are You Thinking About What You're Thinking About

Written by Daniel N. Brown

Do you realize that your belief system is ultimately what will determine whether you live a successful life or not?

Since your thoughts are what your belief system is composed of, you should take great care in what you are thinking about because your thoughts influencerepparttar outcome of every area of your life.

Are you thinking about what you're thinking about? The Bible says, "As a man thinks, so is he" (Proverbs 23:7). I believe it is safe to assume that as a man continues to think, so he will remain. Alongrepparttar 141624 same line, as a man changes his thinking, so he will change himself, and therefore, his circumstances.

Obviouslyrepparttar 141625 key to changing your belief system is changing your thoughts.

Can you think of some things you may have heard growing up that could be influencing your beliefs today? How about "I wish I had two nickels to rub together" or "If I had a dollar I would stay up all night and watch it."

Needless to say this kind of programming is detrimental to your well-being. If you were told that money doesn't grow on trees, you will believe that money is hard to come by and you will always struggle with lack. If you were teased about being fat as a child you may struggle with your weight today.

If you were constantly told that you were fat as a child your belief system says you're fat, and even though dieting and excercise will work just like it will for anyone, you will not sustain permanent weight loss. The fat child picture burns in your mind causing you to regain any weight you may have lost.

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