Can You Buy Happiness?

Written by Steve Gillman

Can money buy happiness? It's easy to say no, and probably correct, but that's just a way to stop thinking aboutrepparttar tougher issues. What is your relationship to money, for example, and how do you use this most powerful of worldly tools?

Maybe you see that chasing after money for its own sake is destructive, but isn't it equally damaging to have such a powerful instrument in your hands while pretending it has no importance?

Money Is Important

Some say that money isn't important to them, but this isn't true. The truth is they don't seerepparttar 139711 importance. They make more than they need and yet complain they have no time for their children, when they could trade time chasing money for time with their kids.

They want self-improvement, but instead of buyingrepparttar 139712 tools to help them (a book, a class, a trip to a monastery) they put $800 televisions on credit cards. Then they work to pay for it all, taking even more time from their children and their own personal development.

I wish I knew then what I know now!

Written by Kenia Morales

I often hear people say: “I wish I knew then what I know now”. In fact I am pretty sure that we can all relate to this particular phrase. Let’s face it; we all have made irrational decisions at some point of our lives.

I am also sure that many will love to travel back in time and change a thing or two. But, when you think about it mistakes are necessary in order to learn some of life’s valuable lessons. Picture a child jumping on a couch. His mother obviously more experienced in general foreseesrepparttar danger and tells him: “stop jumping onrepparttar 139640 couch, you might fall off and get hurt.” The child is having such a good time that ignores his mom’s command. What happens next? Just whatrepparttar 139641 mother predicted. Chances are that ifrepparttar 139642 child hit himself hard, he will be likelier to learn his lesson or at least give it a second though before doing it again.

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