Can Web Copy Writers Learn From Direct Mail Techniques

Written by Steve Jackson

Would you send a million letters costing tens of thousands to print and mail, in a direct marketing campaign, without testingrepparttar letter content first? It's what many website owners do when they don't test and measure their own website copy and content then spend thousands on web marketing campaigns to drive traffic to their websites. In a direct mail campaignrepparttar 118799 mailer knows based on test mail outs what to expect and therefore what his return on investment will be. They basically write, re-write and re- write again until they haverepparttar 118800 content that getsrepparttar 118801 desired response. Many moons ago I used to work full time writing for direct mailing companies andrepparttar 118802 mailers would ask for 3 or 4 different versions ofrepparttar 118803 same message and this wasrepparttar 118804 reason. They tested each one with a short mail out (about 1000 per mailshot) and gauged response to findrepparttar 118805 best percentage. Sorepparttar 118806 direct mail marketer has a solid figure to work on. He knows if he spends figure 'a' on direct mailing he will get figure 'b' response. Why can'trepparttar 118807 same apply to website marketing? We think it can. We tested this theory for 8 months and forrepparttar 118808 last 4 months have consistently been hittingrepparttar 118809 same percentage level (roughly give or take 0.5%) of conversion. By defining your website goal and objective, experimenting with copy, content, persuasion, design, colour and architecture it is possible to predict whatrepparttar 118810 response of your website conversion will be. In other words you can confidently predict how many people will do what you want them to do every month. Month after month. Easy? no, it takes a lot of work but it certainly is possible. In a number of tests conducted on a website designed with web services for sale through a period of 8 months from January 2003 till August 2003, it was proved beyond doubt that a consistent level of conversion of new visitors can be achieved. Conversion Chronicles isrepparttar 118811 result of these tests. It was found that: 1) Headlines can improverepparttar 118812 click through of a page by up to 35%! Over two months on one page we testedrepparttar 118813 headline and looked to see how many more visitors moved onto another page. The first month withrepparttar 118814 headline "Just On Site, Improve repparttar 118815 way you do business online" only 15% of readers went onto do another action and stayed onrepparttar 118816 page (reading presumably) more than 3 minutes. Withrepparttar 118817 headline "Do you know if your website is a success or a failure?" 50% completed another action and stayed on our website for more than 3 minutes. A terrific improvement when you consider it was only one line of text

Make Online Auctions a Home Business

Written by John Lynch

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Tips to Avoid Online Auction Fraud

While most buyers and sellers on internet auction sites are honest, there is alwaysrepparttar 118799 threat of underlying fraud.

Auction sites have had instances of sellers posting pictures of items for sale, only to include in extremely small print that buyers are only bidding forrepparttar 118800 photo rather thanrepparttar 118801 item itself. Whenrepparttar 118802 photo arrives inrepparttar 118803 post and notrepparttar 118804 product, buyers are obviously outraged.

Steps to avoid online auction fraud 1)Check seller's feedback

One ofrepparttar 118805 best ways to judge a seller's honesty is to check his or her feedback. Most buyers will give feedback on a sale, ratingrepparttar 118806 seller inrepparttar 118807 seller's Feedback Profile. Ifrepparttar 118808 feedback is negative, it will be very difficult for that seller to buy or sell anything on that auction site in future. Checkrepparttar 118809 seller's feedback and if it is not overwhelmingly positive, do not buy.

2)Find out seller's contact details

Before you enter into a deal, try to establish contact withrepparttar 118810 seller. On eBay you can search information on a member by visitingrepparttar 118811 Find Members page. If you can get a phone number or an email address, you have a better chance of solving any future problems. You could establish contact withrepparttar 118812 buyer by requesting further information aboutrepparttar 118813 nature ofrepparttar 118814 product in which you are interested.

3)Payment Methods

Credit cards arerepparttar 118815 safest way to buy anything online forrepparttar 118816 simple reason that, inrepparttar 118817 case of fraud, most credit card companies will coverrepparttar 118818 cost. Online payment services such as PayPal and FastPay are also popular with auction site users because of their safety. These are account-based systems that send money via credit card or bank account.

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