Can Men And Women Be Friends?

Written by Michael Ferrell

Or When Harry Met Sally Did He Really Just Want to Jump Her Bones?

Men and women can't really be just friends, can they? Of course not. There’s always that pesky sexual tension to contend with. And what aboutrepparttar spouse, spousal equivalent, or boyfriend/girlfriend who’s sure to be jealous? Plus, there’srepparttar 130909 biological/sociological nesting imperative that women contend with andrepparttar 130910 hunting imperative that seems to drive men.

A number of years ago, a landmark study published by Dr. Don O'Meara, a sociology professor at Raymond Walters College, identifiedrepparttar 130911 following four key obstacles torepparttar 130912 success of male-female friendships

· The inability to definerepparttar 130913 relationship

· A fear of confronting feelings of sexual attraction

· The inability of both partners to see each other as equals

· Society’s response to a non-romantic relationship

(This is all ofrepparttar 130914 above rolled into one: What’s going on here? Who do they think they are? They just won’t admit that they’re hot for each other!)

Let’s face it, when you come right down to it – there are just too many impediments and too many inherent differences betweenrepparttar 130915 sexes for cross-gender friendship to work. Right?

Wrong, wrong, and double-wrong – at least in today’s world.

Fifty years ago, when Harry met Sally, he was a breadwinner who worked outsiderepparttar 130916 home and she was a stay-at-home mom (or stay-at-home spinster). Harry and Sally had very little in common and very few opportunities to explore their commonality. Their paths never crossed except at a church social, perhaps, or in situations that were specifically created to foster romance and, by extension, procreation andrepparttar 130917 continuation ofrepparttar 130918 species. (Notrepparttar 130919 stuff sonnets are made of, perhaps, but good for society.)

That was then. This is now.

4 GREATEST MYTH of Women Orgasm

Written by Leo L.

This is something that you really need to know: 4 GREATEST MYTHS of Women Orgasm!

Before I start off, let's define women orgasm. It isrepparttar peak of sexual arousal when allrepparttar 130907 muscles that were tightened during sexual arousal relax, causing a very pleasurable feeling that may involverepparttar 130908 whole body. During orgasm, many women's heart rates skyrocket, their breathing quickens, and their blood pressure rates increase; muscles throughout their bodies spasm, but mostly those inrepparttar 130909 vagina, uterus, anus and pelvic floor.

Sound dangerous? It isn't. In fact, most women who have had an orgasm will tell you that it's a pleasurable feeling.

To put it mildly, orgasms feel good. During orgasm, chemicals called endorphins are released intorepparttar 130910 bloodstream. They cause pleasant sensations to ripple throughrepparttar 130911 body, but they also make many women feel happy, giddy, flushed, warm, or sleepy.

Women love orgasm as much as men do. Unfortunately, for most women, this feeling is hard to come by. Actually, it's not hard. Lack of sex information is part ofrepparttar 130912 reason. It's but misconceptions on orgasm arerepparttar 130913 scapegoat. In this report, I am going to show yourepparttar 130914 4 greatest myths of women orgasm. If you get yourself trapped byrepparttar 130915 myths, you are denyingrepparttar 130916 orgasm she deserves.

Myth no.1 Women SHOULD Reach Orgasm during Intercourse.

Even inrepparttar 130917 new millennium, this is still a persistent myth. Many people even refer to orgasms during intercourse asrepparttar 130918 only "right way" to get there. This isrepparttar 130919 ideal you'll always see in film or print. The reality is that very few couples ever experience simultaneous orgasms during intercourse. In fact, less than 35% of sexually active women inrepparttar 130920 Western World can indeed climax during intercourse. The vast majorities of women never have an orgasm during intercourse, simultaneous or otherwise and probably never will!

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