Can Google Really Deliver Country Specific Searching?

Written by Martin Lemieux

Can Google Really Deliver Country Specific Searching? By: Martin Lemieux

This is a serious matter, can Google really deliver top quality search results for other countries? The answer so far is "sort of". In this article I will use Canada as an example ofrepparttar quality or lack of thereof, that is delivered by Google's search results.

Let's take a look at Canadian search results by

When you highlight "Canada" through Google search results and then start searching, you may be surprised atrepparttar 136433 amount of companies that aren't really Canadian. All of this also applies forrepparttar 136434 UK and other major markets as well...

In fact, many ofrepparttar 136435 "paid results" come from American companies. Now some would argue that this is to be expected, coming from American companies with large budgets but I would disagree because a lot ofrepparttar 136436 bulk ofrepparttar 136437 "Canadian specific" results are also American companies.

It is quite evident that this is a growing concern with business owners residing in different countries.

As an owner not fromrepparttar 136438 US, I would rather compete with companies that are more local than not, simply becauserepparttar 136439 results would then be relevant. Irrelevant results equal to poor results and less people takerepparttar 136440 search results seriously when they keep sifting through poor quality results online.

For example; If you highlight "search in Canada" and search for "web design",repparttar 136441 top 2 results seem not to be from Canada. This is a serious issue. What if people click on "I'm feeling lucky", they are redirected to a company outside of Canada. The average person won't know what to think about that and may disregard searching through Canadian results any further.

The more content specificrepparttar 136442 results are,repparttar 136443 more people will search through those results. The more people will tell their friends & peers to search through those results. See, as web marketers, we do haverepparttar 136444 power to create a search term that people get familiar with. Just look at "Blogging". A couple of years ago, if you asked people to search online for "blogging" sites, you would have had a lot of confused faces staring at you. Nowadays, if you search for blogging, there are more than 900,000 results found in Google and to top that off, there is more than enough paid advertisers as well.

How To Get A Top Ranking In Google In Just 3 Days

Written by Mark Flavin

So how do you get a top listing in Google and how do you get into Google quickly.

Lets begin withrepparttar latter. You can submit your site using Googles submit site tool but amazingly enough this is NOTrepparttar 135755 fastest way to get listed.

Here's repparttar 135756 secret to getting listed in Google like lightening: PRESS RELEASE'S

Yep issue a press release relating to your website you will see your site in all repparttar 135757 major search engines in 3 or 4 days. Here's a link to one of my press releases

To issue a press release, go to it's free to do.

To go about writing a press release there are two important things to remember. 1) Think like a journalist; 2) Read previous press releases to get ideas from them. Do both these tasks and you wont go far wrong.

Ok now that your sites in Google how are we going to get a top spot for keywords related to our site. Well I'm afraid to tell you this is no easy process it could possibly take months even years! But with some luck andrepparttar 135758 right tools it is achievable.

There are two keys to getting a high ranking 1) Your Keywords &

2) High Page Rank (Sites that already rank high inrepparttar 135759 search engines) Websites Linking To Your Website

Lets look at keywords first.

So to go about finding keywords we are going to use some free tools


Wordtracker -


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