Can Chronic Pain come from Food Additives?

Written by Jane Oelke

Copyright 2005 Jane Oelke

It is always amazing to me when I find a food substance that when taken in excess can cause painrepparttar body. And sometimes these foods, and food additives that are regulated byrepparttar 136589 government, are supposed to be safe. When I test clients and their supplements, or ask about their dietary habits, or chemicals in their work environments, we often discover chemicals or foods that are causing their chronic pain symptoms. When these chemicals are removed, much of their pain subsides.

When I talk to clients, I often ask if they can decipher what foods tend makerepparttar 136590 pain worse or better, and if they crave certain foods in their diet. One ofrepparttar 136591 foods I am always listening for are diet soft drinks with aspartame (Nutrasweet). From personal experience, I have been relieved of constant headaches when I was convinced to stop drinking Diet Pepsi. I was a regular user and once I stopped drinking it,repparttar 136592 nagging headaches that I had for a long time totally cleared up. So if you are drinking diet soft drinks, STOP NOW, and see what difference it makes. I have had quite a number of clients feel much better just a couple weeks after abstaining from soft drinks.

Recently, we have been introduced torepparttar 136593 new fake sugar called Splenda. Advertising for Splenda says that is made from sugar, so it tastes like sugar. But this doesn’t tellrepparttar 136594 whole story. Splenda is made by taking out 3 ofrepparttar 136595 6 molecules that make up sugar, and adding chlorine molecules. If you are avoiding chlorinated water because of chlorine toxicity, then you should be avoiding Splenda. You are getting chlorocarbons from Splenda that can cause immune system problems, such as thymus gland shrinkage, and other genetic and reproductive damage.

The FDA approved Splenda in 1988 as a sucralose sweetener that tastes just like sugar. Butrepparttar 136596 sugar flavor is artificial, since Splenda is about 600 times sweeter than natural sugar, sorepparttar 136597 sugar flavor is forced out ofrepparttar 136598 partial sugar molecule. And our body cannot userepparttar 136599 sugar in Splenda as fuel for our brains. It does not turn intorepparttar 136600 glucose we need for brain function and energy production. Early studies show many ofrepparttar 136601 same side effects, such as headaches and chronic pain, as found with aspartame.

Discount Contacts Are Available Online

Written by Brad Triggs

If you were shopping for new contact lenses and would like convenience, variety, safety, and affordability, then you should consider looking online forrepparttar best deals on discount contacts. Today,repparttar 136395 internet is crowded with both reputable and not so reputable companies, all vying for contact lens wearers' business. The most important thing to consider when you choose to purchase viarepparttar 136396 internet is safety and security.

The reason that many people decide to purchase discount contacts online is simply due to convenience. Today, you see more and more couples working outsiderepparttar 136397 home and when you add in allrepparttar 136398 responsibilities ofrepparttar 136399 home, before long your time runs out. For that reason, people have chosen to log ontorepparttar 136400 computer and, with their current prescription, purchase discount contacts online in a matter of minutes.

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