Can 97% of Netpreneurs be Wrong?

Written by James Tyler

Can 97% of Netpreneurs be Wrong? Why Some People's Ads Almost Always Make Money Discoverrepparttar Master Copywriter's Little-Known Secret of Locking in Profits! You don’t know it yet, but inrepparttar 108015 next 5 minutes you are going to learn two things that will enable you to command someone to do something anything – and that person will do it without question. What’s more, they’ll think it was their idea, not yours. Hypnotic Selling: Myth or Miracle?

Dear unhappy business owner;

Listen, we all knowrepparttar 108016 key to success in any business is how well your message gets across. Do you know how to grab a visitor to your business and keep em? It's what they experience when they arrive that brings them back. Andrepparttar 108017 biggest secret is-it's all in your writing!

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1. Increase sales 2. Make more money 3. Attract more customers

Whether you are a professional business, retailer, entrepreneur, or consultant, every business wants/needs more new and return clients.

The first solution an internet marketing design coach advises is to entice potential clients to read your Web site's service sales messages. Online promotions can be as natural as a telephone conversation.

Check out your Web site Pages.

Your site sales copy matters.

The biggest mistake your Web site messages make is that they don't serverepparttar 108021 needs and desires of your visitors. When business owners don't convey a convincing message of why our Web site visitors should choose our service, we lose potential clients.

Ask yourself these questions:

1. "What does my Web site say about me? Is it just another pretty face or does it’s messages take my readers byrepparttar 108022 heart and convince them to read more?"

Tip: If this is your first Web site, it probably hasn't attracted enough clients. If you are serious about using your site to attract more clients you need to give it a face lift.

2. Does your home page inspire your readers to act? Do you give visitors reasons to buy? Or, do you fill your home page with unnecessary bio, mission statements all that crap about you?

Tip: Your home page must be all about your visitor, not about you. Just one or two sentences about yourself atrepparttar 108023 most.

3. Will your readers know what they need to know to arrive at an educated decision? Do you include questions they may have, or resistance to your service that you can overcome? These serve to make them more comfortable and want to know more from you.

4. Have you included benefit-driven headlines to take your visitor from your home page to your service sales message? Do you knowrepparttar 108024 difference between a feature and a benefit?

5. Does your sales letter or message about your service develop rapport and entice your visitor to contact you and buy?

6. Do your service pages offer different packages and ways to serve individual and (individuals) tastes and budgets?

7. Do you haverepparttar 108025 correct hyperlinks to your order page that make it easy for your client to buy?

If your answers to these questions come up short, you have options.

1. Model your web pages after a successful marketing and design builder’s pages.

2. Hire a copywriter to writerepparttar 108026 copy for you. Some will write a sales letter for $500, others charge up to $10,000. They will give you a work sheet so your sales message will suit your purposes.

Some choose this method because they don't think they can write, yet we can help to encourage you to write your own copy to reflect your unique personality and be true to you which must come through in your writing to be effective.

Increasing Conversions Through Action-Oriented Copywriting

Written by Karon Thackston

by Karon Thackston © 2005

I do site reviews. Needless to say, I see a lot of Web copy. One thing that always befuddles me isrepparttar lack of focus many site pages have. It's as ifrepparttar 108014 writer assumesrepparttar 108015 site visitor will readrepparttar 108016 copy and automatically know what to do next. The fact is you have to know what action you want visitors to take before you get them to take that action. That means knowing whatrepparttar 108017 preferred action you want visitors to take is, before you writerepparttar 108018 copy.

Think About It

Before you pen one word (forrepparttar 108019 Web or any other marketing medium), stop and think. "After reading this copy, what - specifically - do I want my site visitors to do?" Maybe you want them to click deeper intorepparttar 108020 site. Perhaps you want them to buy right then and there. It could be that you'd like them to call to discuss your product or service. Make a donation. Subscribe. Download. There are thousands of possible actions. Give some consideration torepparttar 108021 question above and chooserepparttar 108022 action you most want your visitors to take.

Signposts Pointrepparttar 108023 Way

The next step is to include signposts alongrepparttar 108024 way so your visitors understand what they're supposed to do once they've read your copy. Leaving verbal clues helps prepare your visitors to take action oncerepparttar 108025 time comes.

For instance, if you run a software site that offers a free trial download, you can prepare your visitors to getrepparttar 108026 trial version all throughout your copy by mentioning "free download" or "free trial." Your copy might read:

Email Lock software allows you to send emails and attachments securely through encrypted channels. Withrepparttar 108027 free download, you'll discover just how easy it is to protect your messages and attachments from spying eyes. It's ultra-easy to use. You'll send emails just as you always have, and your recipients won't know anything has changed, either. The free trial version is fully functional and allows you to experience allrepparttar 108028 flexibility and simplicity of sending safe and encrypted emails and attachments.

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