Canít Memorize Anything? Why Your Memory Stinks

Written by Sten Andersen

If you're like everybody I know and their grandma, you feel that your memory stinks. You can't even memorize your grocery list - and when you're finally done shopping, you've got no idea where you parkedrepparttar car. If you're lucky, you don't mix uprepparttar 148115 names of your two youngest ones, who you've left and forgotten inrepparttar 148116 back seat.

But Do You Know Why Your Memory Acts Like A Rebellious Teenager?

Now, before we delve intorepparttar 148117 intricacies of memory andrepparttar 148118 science of memorizing, let's perform a tiny experiment.

Okay, do this. Try and see if you can recallrepparttar 148119 incidents ofrepparttar 148120 same day as today, one week ago.

Stop reading this article, look away fromrepparttar 148121 computer, and try recalling what you did exactly one week ago. Do it now.

How much could you remember?

Now try this. How about yesterday? How much can you remember from yesterday?

Most people hardly remember anything from last week, and only some occurrences from yesterday.

What would your situation be like if you where to testify in court, regardingrepparttar 148122 happenings ofrepparttar 148123 previous day, orrepparttar 148124 day ofrepparttar 148125 week before?

A bad place for you to be?

But relax. It's not your fault. You've never been trained on how to use your memory properly. That's why you don't know how to memorize things.

Where Is My Cow's Ears?

So here's a secret:

For most people,repparttar 148126 problem does not lie within memory. Sure, we blame our bad memory, but usually, that's notrepparttar 148127 real problem.

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