Campfire Coffee Recipes

Written by Gary Gresham

Want to know a few secrets to making a good cup of campfire coffee? There are lots of recipes for making coffee in a plain pot over a campfire or for your camping coffee pot. Try a few varieties to see what suits your tasterepparttar best. Here are a few good recipes to get you started so your morning or evening brew tastes good every time. Traditional Campfire Coffee Recipes Recipe 1. Bring two quarts of water to a good, rolling boil in a camping coffee pot. Take it fromrepparttar 136252 fire and add 2 handfuls of fine ground coffee. Keep in mind that whoever makesrepparttar 136253 coffee will changerepparttar 136254 results of this traditional recipe. Steep for 4 minutes. The secret to good campfire coffee is adding a few tablespoons of cold water torepparttar 136255 mixture after steeping. This settlesrepparttar 136256 grounds torepparttar 136257 bottom. Then pour slowly to keep as many grounds out of your cup as possible. Recipe 2. Add 6 teaspoons of ground coffee into a camping coffee pot, and pour 3 pints of cold water overrepparttar 136258 grounds. Putrepparttar 136259 pot onrepparttar 136260 fire and bring it to a boil. Take it offrepparttar 136261 heat and let steep for 3 minutes. Don't forgetrepparttar 136262 secret. Add those few tablespoons of cold water torepparttar 136263 mixture after steeping to settlerepparttar 136264 grounds. This makes about 6 cups of good campfire coffee.

Solaire Gas Grills are based on a unique cooking system

Written by Ross MacIver

Solaire gas grills have a unique cooking system. Instead of using briquettes for lava rock as a convection heat source, Solaire gas grills use radiant infrared heat to cookrepparttar food. This isrepparttar 136185 same cooking technology that is used inrepparttar 136186 finest steak houses, sorepparttar 136187 great taste of professional grills is available in your own backyard.

Most gas grills onrepparttar 136188 market today cook by convection. There are several disadvantages to this method. The hood must be closed in order to raiserepparttar 136189 temperature ofrepparttar 136190 cooking area, and wheneverrepparttar 136191 hood is openedrepparttar 136192 temperature quickly drops. The food is cooked byrepparttar 136193 heated air, and this results in dried out food.

Solaire gas grills onrepparttar 136194 other hand, are specially designed to produce high temperature, radiant heat. The hood on Solaire gas grills can be left open becauserepparttar 136195 heating elements are cookingrepparttar 136196 food rather thanrepparttar 136197 heated air. The intense heat ofrepparttar 136198 infrared burner seersrepparttar 136199 outside ofrepparttar 136200 food, locking in taste and moisture. The result is succulent, flavorful food which cooks in a fraction ofrepparttar 136201 time of traditional gas grills.

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