Camp away from it all

Written by Thomas Cherian

Private and exclusive. The Camp at Orange County Resort - Coorg

Luxurious tents face a serene private lake while coffee bushes stand sentinel-like to this awesome beauty of nature. Abuttingrepparttar 50,000 acre Dubare forest,repparttar 139800 Camp amidstrepparttar 139801 plantation is an experience to cherish. Laze onrepparttar 139802 verandah, in colonial style chairs whilerepparttar 139803 natives take uprepparttar 139804 tune; listen torepparttar 139805 call ofrepparttar 139806 white breasted water hen orrepparttar 139807 water warbler's did-you-do-it song; watchrepparttar 139808 kingfisher at work… or create your own splash atrepparttar 139809 exclusive infinity swimming pool for Camp residents only.

Also exclusive is Peppercorn,repparttar 139810 specialty restaurant with a choice of barbeque and sizzler delights…

Rustic, warm and inviting

Written by Thomas Cherian

Hoysala Village Resort

A three-hour drive from Bangalore can open up quite a panorama. Torepparttar land ofrepparttar 139799 sunflower!

Located near Hassan,repparttar 139800 Hoysala Village Resort can be called a quick getaway. That it gathers visitors for a long cozy stay is another matter.

Rough-hewn cottages cluster together to offer visitors a warm experience while also offering them an opportunity to savour this historical land. Remains ofrepparttar 139801 ancient Belur and Halebid, capital cities ofrepparttar 139802 Hoysala Empire, orrepparttar 139803 astounding sight ofrepparttar 139804 ruins of an old church can take one's breath away. Why, we even offer a bullock cart ride torepparttar 139805 nearby village, to give you a feel ofrepparttar 139806 rustic village life!

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