Call management

Written by Marcom Communications

Thousands of UK businesses are now protecting their employees and meeting legal requirements through intelligent use of call recording systems. Due to recent government legislation (coming in force by Dec 2004) it is now imperative to record all your business calls if you run a financial services organisation. Even if you donít, call recording is an


Written by Marcom Communications

The cost of putting a worker at a desk inrepparttar UK has now reached £10,000 a year, whilstrepparttar 133462 cost of supporting a worker at home is estimated at £3,000.Many organisations are now beginning to realise that home working can provide employees with increased flexibility, motivation and provide real cost savings.

More than 2.1 million people now work from home and they have been shown to be 18% more productive in their work. This trend has been accelerated by two main factors;repparttar 133463 spiralling cost of office space andrepparttar 133464 availability of high speed internet connection at affordable prices.

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