Call Reluctance - Get You and Your Downline Over It!

Written by Tim Sales, author of "Brilliant Compensation"

Call Reluctance…Get Your & Your Downline Over It. by Tim Sales

After a recent training call I conducted (which was quite unique in that I did live calls with prospects) my staff sent out a survey to all those onrepparttar call asking some very key questions. The responses were then given to me. Fromrepparttar 122508 responses I was able to see some very valuable thingsrepparttar 122509 listeners need/want help with.

One ofrepparttar 122510 statements a person requested help with was, “getting over call reluctance.” I will help her with this issue in this newsletter.

Now call reluctance is a term used in sales and network marketing to mean thatrepparttar 122511 salesperson orrepparttar 122512 network marketer hesitates or procrastinates making calls to prospects. So to help a person get past this we need to figure out what caused this “reluctance.”

As I commonly do, I’ll definerepparttar 122513 main word – which is reluctance. It means: unwillingness; offering resistance; opposing.

A network marketer knows he/she should make calls in order to build his/her business but - - is unwilling to or is resistant to or is opposed to makingrepparttar 122514 calls. So instead of making calls they bury themselves in a guilt ridden corner and mentally beat themselves up. Sound familiar?

So just what might cause a person to be unwilling to make calls?

I’ve written a list of items that “cause” a person to be unwilling, resistant or opposed to makingrepparttar 122515 calls. This will be a good check list to help a person in your downline find out why they’re not being successful. And, if you’d like a nice jolt of reality, hand this list to someone in your downline and ask them to check and make sure you do all these things.

1)Has she decided exactly what she wants to achieve withrepparttar 122516 business? Ask her what it is. 2)Has she written a plan of how to achieve it? Ask her if you can see it. 3)Is she working that plan? Ask her to show you where she currently is onrepparttar 122517 plan. 4)Does she know allrepparttar 122518 “parts” that make up building her business? a.Does she have a lead source? Ask her to show it to you. b.Does she know how to get customers? Ask her to get one while you watch. c.Does she know how to service customers? Ask her to show you how she does it. d.Does she know how to get distributors? Ask her to show you how she gets one. e.Does she know how to train distributors to get customers? Ask her to train one while you watch, or introduce someone to you who she has trained that can get customers. Ask that person to demonstrate getting a customer. f.Does she know how to train distributors to get distributors? Ask her to train one while you watch, or introduce someone to you who she has trained that can get distributors. Ask that person to demonstrate how they get a distributor.


Written by R G Srinivasan

It's amazing how many people try an MLM program only to get frustrated and give up.

Most people are lured into MLM withrepparttar hope to get rich quick or they believe with little effort they will be able to earn a large enough income to quit their present job. After they spend a little time and money onrepparttar 122507 start up kit or just signing in withrepparttar 122508 promise of money for nothing placing ads, only to end up with no income, most will try a new MLM program thinking, "This isrepparttar 122509 one... with this income plan and/or product, how can I fail?".

Here is some good information for those who have never tasted sweet success. DON'T FALL INTO EVERY NEW MLM PROGRAM THAT POPS UP. Because that's what will happen... you will fall time after time and never reachrepparttar 122510 top of any program. Plus, your credibility with everyone you previously approached, goes downrepparttar 122511 drain. Rather, carefully select a program that has mass appeal, a program whose cost and payout make sense, then stick to it until you have achieved some level of success. You will then discover success breeds success.

If you keep moving from program to program you will NEVER experiencerepparttar 122512 TRUE POWER of MLM... having a huge down line LEVERAGING YOUR TIME AND EXPENSE. The key is to learn as much as you can from those who are successful. Studyrepparttar 122513 fundamentals of salesmanship, ad writing, strategiesrepparttar 122514 pros use, and you will develop quickly into a top notch MLM pro. A person that people will respect and one you can be proud of.

I'm going to give yourepparttar 122515 best information you'll ever get about MLM, so pay close attention torepparttar 122516 following...

It’s notrepparttar 122517 big promises that will determine your success. It is not those high income testimonials that will determine your success. Or even a charismatic sponsor or up line that will determine your success.

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