Call Reluctance - Do You Have It?

Written by Jackie Ulmer

Doesrepparttar thought of picking uprepparttar 127459 telephone to call a potential customer or prospect make your stomach churn?

Do you clearly map out a game plan of when and who you are going to call tomorrow, only to find yourself distracted with busy work and unable to make any calls?

Do your visions of all-expense paid, tropical vacations, big promotions and 5 digit bonus checks evaporate asrepparttar 127460 phone stares viciously at you like a ten ton one-eyed, one arm fire breathing monster?

Callrepparttar 127461 Doctor, you have a bad case of Call Reluctance.

If you are inrepparttar 127462 business of selling, and let's face it, we ALL are to some degree, you need to identify, address and work through this disease if you are ever going to be successful.

Before we talk about ways of working through this, let's talk about what doesn't work -

*Oh, just go out and do it!*

Ever hear those words and want to chokerepparttar 127463 arrogance out ofrepparttar 127464 one who uttered them?

*Get over it! No one is going to bite you.*

Again, visions of acting out a mad fantasy invade your mind.

* It'srepparttar 127465 messenger, no one really cares what you say. *

Well, that sounds great torepparttar 127466 slick master of sales sitting next to you, but when you are dealing with call reluctance, this shallow encouragement will NOT get you off of start and intorepparttar 127467 race.

So, how do you overcome Call Reluctance.

The first step is to recognize and acknowledge it. It is not unique, something to be ashamed of or incurable. Simply admitting that you are dealing with this is half ofrepparttar 127468 battle.

Second, identify what type of Call Reluctance you are experiencing. Below are a few categories -

Reluctance to call someone you view as having a higher socioeconomic standing.

Reluctance to admit that you are * selling * something.

Afraid to * bother * family and friends.

Obsessed with having a perfect presentation.

Fear of usingrepparttar 127469 telephone.

Fear of actually closingrepparttar 127470 sale.

These are just a few ofrepparttar 127471 categories that could be afflicting you.

If it's any consolation at all, you are not alone. Call Reluctance isrepparttar 127472 single biggest killer of most sales related careers.

Knowing this, what can you do to cure yourself once and for all?

To begin with, Call Reluctance can usually be traced to one of these originating factors - personality traits, hereditary factors and environmental influences. Environmental influences are by farrepparttar 127473 biggest cause.

9 Sneaky Steps to Multiplying Your Infoproduct Sales!

Written by Harmony Major

Tired of sitting around twiddling your thumbs, waiting for that next sale to shake you out of a boredom-induced stupor? This article will reveal a simple 9-step plan to help you multiply your product sales in just a few weeks.

1. Make sure you have a hard-hitting headline on your sales page to draw your visitors in.

I know, I know. This point is SO played out. But, I'd be a bad, bad tutor if I didn't at least mention it. Need help crafting a sure-fire, order-pulling headline? "Hmph! Not ME!" you say? Okay, so let's pretend. ;-) Check outrepparttar following truly outstanding resources for help writing a sales-boosting headline:

Great Headlines Instantly!

Writing Effective Headlines

How to Write Headlines that Make Sales Soar!

Publicity Tips: Creating Captivating Headlines

2. Take 5-10 brief (1-2 paragraph) tips from your product, and cut them down torepparttar 127458 bare bones best parts.

You don't want to be giving awayrepparttar 127459 only "secrets" from your excellent infoproduct. Make these tips powerful and informative, but don't give awayrepparttar 127460 farm. The purpose, (as you'll soon see), is to convince your visitor that they NEED your product -- not to simply provide CliffsNotes for it.

3. Sign up with a reliable follow-up autoresponder, free or otherwise.

Ideally, you'll need one that gives you up to 10 follow-up messages -- one for each mini-tip that you created above, minus one. (i.e. If you have 9 tips, you need to be able to send at least 8 follow up messages.)

Program your autoresponder to send that number of follow-ups, and make each tip its own follow-up message. Send your tips out about 3-7 days apart, depending on how many you have. The more you have,repparttar 127461 more frequently you send them. Just don't harassrepparttar 127462 reader. ;-)

If you need an autoresponder, try either of these:

4. Put a brief sales message atrepparttar 127463 bottom of each mini-tip.

You don't want this to be a sales LETTER. Basically, have it resemble a resource box that you'd see atrepparttar 127464 end of an article. The purpose of this sales message is to remindrepparttar 127465 reader of what your product is, and of any special bonuses or discounts that you offer, and to get them back to your site to order your product.

5. In your final autoresponder message, offer your readers something special for finishing your e-mail series.

You want to rewardrepparttar 127466 visitors who haven't cancelled your follow-up messages atrepparttar 127467 end ofrepparttar 127468 message run, as these people have just become your hottest prospects! They were obviously interested enough in your product to keep reading your tips, and withrepparttar 127469 slightest extra push, they just might still buy.

Makerepparttar 127470 bonus time-sensitive, to increaserepparttar 127471 likelihood that people will buy. You can offer an article-length bonus report on your product topic, a list of 25 (or however many) links to top-notch resources as an add on torepparttar 127472 product, or anything with a high value. Just be sure to make this bonus *exclusive* torepparttar 127473 people still on your list, and NOT available torepparttar 127474 general public.

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