California – What happens when you get a DUI?

Written by H. Gillogly

This is one ofrepparttar most common questions asked to DUI lawyers. When you ask lawyers this question, you do not always get straight answers because every circumstance is different. According to DUI.comrepparttar 119133 most common penalties are as followed.

$1200 fine

3 years probation

3-5 days sheriff work alternative program

4 months suspended license

First offender school

When a driver inrepparttar 119134 state of California is arrested for driving underrepparttar 119135 influence of alcohol their driver’s license is immediately confiscated byrepparttar 119136 police and then served withrepparttar 119137 DMV’s ‘Notice of Suspension’. This will formally suspend their license, provide temporary driving privileges for 30 days and will also explain some aspects ofrepparttar 119138 applicable law. In addition, it states that there is a right to contestrepparttar 119139 suspension and forcerepparttar 119140 DMV to returnrepparttar 119141 license as long asrepparttar 119142 DMV’s Local Driver Safety is contacted byrepparttar 119143 attorney within 10 calendar days ofrepparttar 119144 arrest.

A driver’s license is immediately suspended if their blood alcohol level is above .08% (or above .01% for drivers under 21 years of age) or if they refuse to take a chemical test. Ifrepparttar 119145 driver is from another state other than California, thenrepparttar 119146 officer has no right to seize their license. However,repparttar 119147 officer will issue a ‘Notice of Suspension’ which suspendsrepparttar 119148 driver’s license inrepparttar 119149 state of California (after 30 days) from driving. If there is a conviction in court,repparttar 119150 state of California will contactrepparttar 119151 home state ofrepparttar 119152 convicted party, and that state will usually suspend their licenserepparttar 119153 same way they do it there.

Criminal Defense - White Collar Crimes

Written by T. Going

White Collar Crimes are defined as non-violent acts committed by individuals or businesses inrepparttar course of daily working activity. Some of these crimes include embezzlement, bribery, tax evasion, false advertising and other types of fraud. They are generally used to obtain money, property or services to gain advantage in business or in ones personal life.

According torepparttar 119132 FBI, white collar crimes costrepparttar 119133 United States more than $300 billion annually. These crimes are considered to be federal offenses and even though state and local law enforcement may be involved inrepparttar 119134 cases, charges will most often be presented by federal agencies such asrepparttar 119135 FBI, IRS, US Customs, Secret Service, EPA orrepparttar 119136 SEC.

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