Cabinet Hardware 101

Written by Scott Touchton

Cabinet knobs and pulls are now being used by designers to add finer details to a home’s overall decorating theme. Manufacturers of decorative hardware are makingrepparttar designer’s job easier by offering more styles and design options. Emtek Products is one of these companies who manufacturers door, bath and cabinet hardware in various collection styles so that homeowners can have hardware with consistent styles and finishes throughout their home.

For example, homeowners with smaller children can choose cabinet knobs and pulls for their children’s bedrooms in bright primary colors, animal shapes or pictures of clothing items such as sock knobs forrepparttar 100056 sock drawer and shirt knobs forrepparttar 100057 shirt drawer.

Cabinet knobs are also produced from a variety of different materials venturing away fromrepparttar 100058 more standard solid brass. Hardware customers can now choose products made from sandcast bronze, wrought steel, copper and chrome.

There are also many different combinations of types of hardware that you can use throughout your home. The more common selection is to use cabinet knobs on doors that swing outward and to use horizontally positioned pulls on slide out drawers. Pulls can be used throughout using pulls horizontally on slide out drawers and vertically on cabinet doors. Cup pulls and bin pulls are also being used more as they become more popular with designers.

Single pane glass repair in an aluminum frame,part 2

Written by John Rocco

This week we are going to continue our series on single pane window glass repair. Let's talk about broken glass in a fixed window, usually referred to as a picture window. The most common type will have metal stops onrepparttar outside, around all four edges ofrepparttar 100055 window glass. Sometimes these stops will be held in place with screws, and other times there will be aluminum stops that snap in place. In some rare instances there will be a rubber material in place of metal. If you haverepparttar 100056 screw type, you remove all ofrepparttar 100057 screws and each piece will come out. If you haverepparttar 100058 metal snap in stops, carefully pryrepparttar 100059 stop fromrepparttar 100060 frame using a small, flat screwdriver or a putty knife. You want to start in a corner and work alongrepparttar 100061 stop until it comes out. Don't pry too much becauserepparttar 100062 stops can bend very easily. If you haverepparttar 100063 rubber type, pry a corner away usingrepparttar 100064 screwdriver, grab it with your fingers, and pull outrepparttar 100065 rubber. The glass shouldn't fall out because there is a glue or tape onrepparttar 100066 edge, holdingrepparttar 100067 glass in place.

From here, You can get your measurements forrepparttar 100068 new piece of glass. The glass edges will be exposed, and you can hook your tape measure torepparttar 100069 edge and get your width and height. If there is a hole inrepparttar 100070 glass, measurerepparttar 100071 glass thickness. If there isn't a hole, put on some gloves and carefully push onrepparttar 100072 glass whererepparttar 100073 crack is located. This will exposerepparttar 100074 edge so you can measure it. When you go to getrepparttar 100075 new glass, you're going to need a tube of silicone to replacerepparttar 100076 glue or tape holdingrepparttar 100077 glass in place. Once you getrepparttar 100078 glass home, you need to removerepparttar 100079 old glass. Go inside and cut betweenrepparttar 100080 glass and frame using a utility knife with a new blade. This will cut awayrepparttar 100081 silicone or tape that is holdingrepparttar 100082 old glass. Be sure to wear heavy gloves during this process to avoid getting cut. Start atrepparttar 100083 top and cut across from one corner torepparttar 100084 other. Then cut down one side, from top to bottom. Dorepparttar 100085 other siderepparttar 100086 same way. At this pointrepparttar 100087 glass should fall out. You should place a tarp or sheet underrepparttar 100088 window to catchrepparttar 100089 glass as it falls out. Using a stiff putty knife, scrape offrepparttar 100090 old silicone or tape fromrepparttar 100091 frame. If there were setting blocks onrepparttar 100092 bottom, be sure to reuse them. They act as shims to raiserepparttar 100093 glass offrepparttar 100094 bottom.

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