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Nestled intorepparttar eastern part of Mediterranean Sea, Cyprus isrepparttar 150102 third largest island inrepparttar 150103 Mediterranean. Cyprus history forrepparttar 150104 past 10,000 years has seen civilizations come and go and famous historical figures such as Alexanderrepparttar 150105 Great to Cleopatra stake their claim here. According torepparttar 150106 legend, Aphrodite,repparttar 150107 Greek goddess of love and beauty was born here. From independent travellers to honeymooners, archaeology enthusiasts to friends of nature, adventure lovers to people enjoying lazy days on a beach visitors to Cyprus find offers to everyone's taste. Food lovers feast on farm-fresh halloumi cheese and delectable meze,repparttar 150108 local specialty appetizers that mix Western ingredients with Eastern zest. Business travelers appreciaterepparttar 150109 fine, modern conference facilities and warm, professional service at numerous hotels and resorts. Since 1974 there have been two countries onrepparttar 150110 island of Cyprus -repparttar 150111 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus andrepparttar 150112 southern Republic of Cyprus. So you can actually visit two countries forrepparttar 150113 price of one. We invite you to get a delightful taste of what both Greece and Turkey have to offer: beautiful sunny beaches, small charming villages, ruins of ancient civilizations and distinctive local cultures. HISTORY: Cyprus (Kypros in Greek) gave copper its latin name: cuprum. First Greeks settled on Cyprusinrepparttar 150114 late Bronze Age (1,600 B.C.) and established trade links with Egypt andrepparttar 150115 Aegean islands. During this period ceramic art first flourished. Alexanderrepparttar 150116 Great wrestledrepparttar 150117 island away fromrepparttar 150118 Persians . As centuries passed by,repparttar 150119 island came consequently under Persian, Assyrian, Egyptian, and Roman rule. The Roman emperor Marc Antony gave Cyprus as a gift to his lover,repparttar 150120 beautiful Cleopatra. Then came a long period of Byzantine domination. For a hundred years until 1571repparttar 150121 flag ofrepparttar 150122 Republic of Venice flew in Cyprus, whenrepparttar 150123 Ottoman Turks occupied it. In 1878 Cyprus became part ofrepparttar 150124 British Empire. It gained independent status in 1960. Cyprus History - Recent Past and Present: A Greek, Archbishop Makarios, became an elected president. On 15 July 1974 a CIA-sponsored, Greek-organised coup overthrew Makarios and replaced him with a puppet leader. Turkey responded by invadingrepparttar 150125 island and Greece quickly pulled out, butrepparttar 150126 Turks did not stop and tookrepparttar 150127 northern third ofrepparttar 150128 island, forcing 180,000 Greek Cypriots to flee their homes. In 1983 Turkish Cypriots proclaimed a separate state, naming itrepparttar 150129 Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus (TRNC). Peace talks have been held sporadically, but Cyprus remains divided. ATTRACTIONS:NICOSIA: The island's capital city is divided in two parts byrepparttar 150130 UN-patrolled Green Line, which separatesrepparttar 150131 Republic from Northern Cyprus. Nicosia is a friendly, laid-back place, with good restaurants, museums, and a lively art scene.A visit here should give you a less touristy view ofrepparttar 150132 country than you'll get if you stick torepparttar 150133 coastal towns. The old town , insiderepparttar 150134 16th-century Venetian walls, isrepparttar 150135 most interesting part of Nicosia, a home to numerous little shops where you can bargain directly withrepparttar 150136 owners. The Cathedral of St.John houses some outstanding frescoes. The Cyprus Archeological Museum exhibitsrepparttar 150137 priceless collection of Cypriot antiquities and art treasures. Visiting Nicosia gives you a chance to crossrepparttar 150138 Green Line and to explorerepparttar 150139 Turkish part ofrepparttar 150140 capital city. Passing throughrepparttar 150141 "no man" zone withinrepparttar 150142 Green Line, where everything is left untouched sincerepparttar 150143 1974 military action, seeing houses covered with bullet holes leaves unforgetable impression. The Turkish part of Nicosia is smaller, has less things to see, but carries its own charm and specific culture. More about going torepparttar 150144 Northern Cyprus- here. PAPHOS: One ofrepparttar 150145 most beautiful parts ofrepparttar 150146 island, place where, according torepparttar 150147 legend, Aphrodite arose from fromrepparttar 150148 foaming waves. Amongrepparttar 150149 souvenir shops you'll see Saranta Kolones, a Lusignian fortress destroyed by an earthquake inrepparttar 150150 13th century; it's mostly fallen columns and sewer tunnels. The underground Tombs ofrepparttar 150151 Kings dated back torepparttar 150152 4th century are carved out ofrepparttar 150153 solid rock, some of them are frescoed and are thought to have beenrepparttar 150154 burial sites of aristocrats and high officials. In Greco-Roman times Paphos wasrepparttar 150155 island's capital, and it is famous forrepparttar 150156 remains ofrepparttar 150157 Roman Governor's palace, House of Dionysos , with its stunning mosaics which is now a major tourist attraction. There is a small harbour and an upper town slightly torepparttar 150158 north whererepparttar 150159 larger shops, offices and town administration are based. TROODOS MASSIF: The Troodos region mountains, inrepparttar 150160 country's south, are unforgettable. This is whererepparttar 150161 highest point onrepparttar 150162 islanond - mount Olympus (1,952m, 6,507ft) located. Kykkos Monastery, inrepparttar 150163 western Troodos, isrepparttar 150164 best known Christian Orthodox monastery. Built inrepparttar 150165 12th century, it's been completely renovated and contains a museum of religious icons includingrepparttar 150166 icon of Christ andrepparttar 150167 Virgin Mary painted by St. Luke himself. Onrepparttar 150168 Throni Peak inrepparttar 150169 region there is a tomb of Archibishop Makarios,repparttar 150170 first Cyprus President. COLOSSI CASTLE: Built byrepparttar 150171 Crusaders (Hospitallers,repparttar 150172 Order of St. John of Jerusalem) inrepparttar 150173 13th century this castle served as their headquarter. This well-preserved castle , restored in 1933 is a good example of military architecture of that period. A spiral staircase leads up torepparttar 150174 roof andrepparttar 150175 restored battlements. There are also plenty of citrus orchards inrepparttar 150176 area, and you can pick up some of country's juiciest oranges inrepparttar 150177 markets here. SALAMIS: It wasrepparttar 150178 most important pre-Christian city in Cyprus. You could easily spend a day here, exploring these very extensive ruins that include a fully restored Roman amphitheatre,repparttar 150179 gymnasium with marble baths, andrepparttar 150180 mosaics, a temple of Zeus, numerous statues ofrepparttar 150181 4th century. Byzantine remains includerepparttar 150182 basilica of Bishop Epiphanos (4th century AD). The necropolis of Salamis covers 7 sq. km (almost 3sq.miles) torepparttar 150183 west ofrepparttar 150184 town. It contains a museum showing some ofrepparttar 150185 finds. Close torepparttar 150186 site is a very nice beach, so bring your swimming suits.

Drakensberg Diaries. Chute and Shoot to Thrill. Canoe in the Drakensberg Foothills through the Weenen Game Reserve in South Africa.

Written by Brian Kemp

Planning a holiday inrepparttar Drakensberg Mountains inrepparttar 150080 South African winter? This little gem is a ďsomething completely differentĒ day-trip. So your Drakensberg holiday doesnít have to be all walking.

There are other ways of getting around. Like bobbing throughrepparttar 150081 Weenen Game Reserve in an inflatable canoe. I hear you say ďHold itĒ. Relax, no lions. But thatís about all itís short of. This day-trip is only available inrepparttar 150082 winter months (June Ė September) whenrepparttar 150083 river is at itís lowest. Itíll be warm inrepparttar 150084 sun but cool inrepparttar 150085 shade. Youíll need a hat, sunscreen, binoculars and a camera with a longish lens.

The Bushmanís River sources inrepparttar 150086 high Drakensberg of Giantís Castle. At altitude, its crystal-clear rock pools refresh overheated hikers. Lower down it feedsrepparttar 150087 Weenan Canal - built 100 years ago to provide irrigation forrepparttar 150088 farmlands. Whilerepparttar 150089 river rushes and tumbles over rocks,repparttar 150090 canal is much less imposing. Only a metre deep and no more than a few metres wide. But itís 12 kilometres long, traversing rough and hilly terrain. Donít be too quick to jump in though Ė its cold, winter-green color tells you it hasnít been in liquid form for long.

Your river guides will have everything ready for you. So you can lie back in your little boat. And bob. Inrepparttar 150091 sunshine. Itís got paddles but you donít need them. Claustrophobia sufferers, beware. En route there are three not-so-large steel pipes through whichrepparttar 150092 water has been channeled. You either stop, pick up your boat and portage. Or you lie back withrepparttar 150093 steel tunnel only inches from your face. Itís dark and you can feelrepparttar 150094 heat radiating fromrepparttar 150095 surface. Grit your teeth. Go withrepparttar 150096 flow. Breath relief when you suddenly pop out intorepparttar 150097 sunshine again.

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