Written by Meredith Gossland

The story ofrepparttar emperor's new clothes is a fairy tale about men who fooledrepparttar 105630 emperor into believing that they had made him a beautiful suit of clothes. In fact they had not made anything. The emperor went out in public wearing nothing but his underwear because he didn't want to appear stupid since they had told him onlyrepparttar 105631 wisest people could seerepparttar 105632 fine fabrics.Whenrepparttar 105633 emperor went out in public a little child yelled..."The emperor isn't wearing any clothes!" Today I am that child.

"CRM doesn't cover your mistakes or fix your problems and you have been lied to about its ability to "manage" your client relationships!" CRM is a system that is based on faulty logic. The premise that companies can manage clients is foolish!

Business 101 will tell you that clients manage businesses. They tellrepparttar 105634 company what to sell, when to sell it, how to sell it, where to sell it, and will stop buying it on a whim depending upon a long list of uncontrollable situations (they are getting older, economic circumstances, politics, trends, health issues etc etc.)

What does CRM do? It lulls CEOs, sales and marketing department heads into believing that they can hold onto clients by using data alone. CRM bogs down sales & marketing teams and creates massive amounts of additional work, keeping them connected to their computers instead of visiting clients. CRM requires cleaning just like any other database andrepparttar 105635 largerrepparttar 105636 databaserepparttar 105637 more time it takes to clean. The sharing of information within a company can, in some instances, actually slow downrepparttar 105638 process of customer service, since more people are now involved in decision making processes. The bottom line of customer service is pushed torepparttar 105639 side and direct mail marketing moves forward. Direct mail marketing has abysmal response rates and even if it was improved is a poor alternative to actually communicating with clients.

Now isrepparttar 105640 time to go put on your clothes and firerepparttar 105641 tailors!

You have spent a fortune in purchasingrepparttar 105642 software, you spent thousands of dollars on man-hours used up in training and retraining, sent memos and held staff meetings, paid tailors(I mean consultants), and still are no closer to getting customer loyalty than you were 6 months ago. As a matter of fact it may be worse because client services have suffered while you spent all this time getting CRM up and running. Cut your loses and run!

Turbo Charge Your Career With The Most Powerful Leadership Tool Of All: The Leadership Talk. (Part Two)

Written by Brent Filson

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Summary: The author asserts that presentations and speeches arerepparttar 105630 least effective means of leadership communication. There is a much more effective way:repparttar 105631 Leadership Talk. In this three part series, he describes underlying principles ofrepparttar 105632 Leadership Talk and ways to help develop and deliver it.

Turbo Charge Your Career With The Most Powerful Leadership Tool Of All: The Leadership Talk. (Part Two) by Brent Filson

In Part One, I describedrepparttar 105633 Leadership Talk and how it is a much more effective leadership tool than presentations or speeches.

I also described two fundamental premises thatrepparttar 105634 Leadership Talk is based on.

In Part Two, I will show yourepparttar 105635 purpose ofrepparttar 105636 Leadership Talk. You won't be able to give a Leadership Talk effectively on a consistent basis if you misunderstand its purpose.

The Leadership Talk doesn't drive purpose. Purpose drivesrepparttar 105637 Leadership Talk. There is one and only one purpose ofrepparttar 105638 Leadership Talk: that's to motivate people to be your cause leaders in meetingrepparttar 105639 challenges you face.

This is important in understandingrepparttar 105640 difference between Leadership Talks and presentations/speeches.

You're a leader. You have a task to complete. Do you wantrepparttar 105641 people you lead to simply dorepparttar 105642 task? Or do you want those people to actually take leadership of accomplishingrepparttar 105643 task? Forrepparttar 105644 difference between doing and leading in terms of accomplishment is stock car and a formula 1 racer.

Clearly, you can order them to accomplishrepparttar 105645 task; and if you're in a position of authority, they will most likely carry outrepparttar 105646 order. But they might not do it with full commitment. Or they may resent being ordered. Or they may be inclined to do nothing unless ordered, and so after accomplishingrepparttar 105647 task, they do little else but wait forrepparttar 105648 next order.

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