Written by Martin Franzen

Let's face it, some businesses sell "high ticket" items with enough profit margin that a few sales will do. Internet businesses don't usually follow this trend. So one ofrepparttar KEYS to success onrepparttar 125234 net is driving HUGE amounts of traffic to your site. To do this you need TOOLS. And you need them to be FREE. Here is a step by step guide to what tools to use and how to use them.


This may seem obvious but it's more than just having a domain name. Every day people surfrepparttar 125235 web only to find sites that take FOREVER to load, have music that sounds like cats fighting, and have links that don't work. AVOID THIS TRAP. There are FREE TOOLS to help you build an excellent site. And you don't have to be a "techie" to use them. Make sure your site is up to par.


Autoresponders allow you to respond to inquiries about your product or service without your involvement. You writerepparttar 125236 message forrepparttar 125237 autoresponder to send, then set it and forget it. Autoresponders can send follow up messages as well so thatrepparttar 125238 information you send can be spaced out over time, giving yourepparttar 125239 chance to repeat your selling points over days or weeks, remindingrepparttar 125240 prospect why they should do business with you. Autoresponders QUALIFY your prospects so you only spend your time doing deals that can be done.


Most of us send hundreds of emails a month. A signature line (actually as many lines as you want) presents a selling message to EVERYONE you send email to. You can include active links to your website and even include your autoresponder address if you like. Putting a selling signature in your email is easy and FREE. THAT'S automation working FOR you.


Written by Michael Dacanay

Have you ever sat down and thought ofrepparttar differences between business onrepparttar 125233 Internet and business offline?

Obviouslyrepparttar 125234 differences are many. There is one BIG difference, however, that many small business people overlook. That difference is PROMOTION. I'm not talking about marketing a product, your web site will do that.

I'm talking about promoting YOU and YOUR site.

Why are we in business? The answer for most is pretty easy, to make money. Here'srepparttar 125235 dilemma; we were not TAUGHT by our parents or in school to promote ourselves. It wasn't polite.

Here's some good news. The term SELF PROMOTER is not a dirty phrase! In fact, it is REQUIRED if you want to succeed onrepparttar 125236 Internet. I'm not talking about becomingrepparttar 125237 obnoxious person who everyone avoids atrepparttar 125238 dinner party because he's trying to pawn off his last time share unit. I'm talking about doing business like a business, not like a hobby.

WE HAVE NOT BEEN TAUGHT HOW. This is one reason we don't know how to do it and do it well. Until a few years ago many people thought that their path was going to be in a job with a company inrepparttar 125239 offline world. You remember a JOB don't you?

Well, part ofrepparttar 125240 job included getting business cards and benefiting from allrepparttar 125241 advertising and NAME RECOGNITION thatrepparttar 125242 company had developed. Now we end up onrepparttar 125243 Net and guess what; WE'RE ON OUR OWN and unprepared.

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