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Illegals Cost Feds $10 Billion a Year; Amnesty Would Nearly Triple Cost

The Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) has just released a new report, "The High Cost of Cheap Labor: Illegal Immigration andrepparttar Federal Budget." The report estimates that households headed by illegal aliens used $10 billion more in government services than they paid in taxes in 2002. C-SPAN coveredrepparttar 125949 release ofrepparttar 125950 new CIS report last week, but it has not re-airedrepparttar 125951 coverage since then.

WASHINGTON (August 25, 2004) — A new study fromrepparttar 125952 Center for Immigration Studies is one ofrepparttar 125953 first to estimaterepparttar 125954 impact of illegal immigration

Captain Ahab joins the Canadian Navy

Written by Gary Whittaker

Canada’s military has been a long-standing joke for decades. On October 5th, that joke turned deadly serious when a crew member ofrepparttar HMCS Chicoutimi died from injuries sustained onboard from smoke inhalation. Lieut. Chris Saunders, who leaves behind a wife and two children, will become known asrepparttar 125948 1st Canadian to die aboard a submarine will on duty in approx. 50 years. The HMCS Chicoutimi was on its maiden voyage to Canada whenrepparttar 125949 fire broke out. It wasrepparttar 125950 last one of 4 vessels purchased second hand fromrepparttar 125951 UK, to be brought to Canada for use in its Navy. The total price tag forrepparttar 125952 4 submarines was 750 million dollars. All four submarines reported problems of varying degrees, with this latest incident beingrepparttar 125953 most serious. They were actually purchased in 1998, and that was considered a bargain atrepparttar 125954 time. 2 more crewmembers remain hospitalized as a result of injuries sustained duringrepparttar 125955 incident.

All three crewmembers were transported to a hospital in Ireland, close to whererepparttar 125956 submarine was whenrepparttar 125957 fire broke out. In doing so,repparttar 125958 Canadian government was sparred further embarrassment fromrepparttar 125959 incident by not havingrepparttar 125960 injured personnel not wait for medical attention in a Canadian hospital with depleted resources due to cuts overrepparttar 125961 last decade. The Liberals are already trying to deflect blame thrown at them fromrepparttar 125962 opposition, claiming thatrepparttar 125963 problems reported onrepparttar 125964 purchased subs where all normal, and thatrepparttar 125965 inspection teams did all they could prior to allowingrepparttar 125966 subs to leave dock. Meanwhile,repparttar 125967 Navy insists that these submarines were needed in their plans for defence.

We now have to ask ourselves what exactly that plan could be. Canadians have to be realistic. There is absolutely no point in trying to develop a strategic plan against any nation. There is no wayrepparttar 125968 most powerful nation in history will allow Canada to be invaded, and there is no way Canada would be able to defend its self if everrepparttar 125969 American lose their minds and attack Canada.

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