Written by Joseph Robert Neil James


The Definition ofrepparttar word corrupt, is as follows:

·To Make Putrid; to deprave; to taint; to bribe; to infect with errors. ·To become tainted.

This means every one of us is corrupt. A simple example; we are all infected with errors. We corrupt each other, which in turn create problems for us all.

We are all Computers. As we communicate with each other, we program one another. We are all teachers and learners. The errors we are infected with are caused byrepparttar 132589 “Eager Desires” we all possess. Greed for material wealth causes some people, to lie, cheat and steal, which in turn affects us all. The majority of people throughoutrepparttar 132590 world are law abiding and considerate to others and trying to controlrepparttar 132591 minority that are not so law abiding. Computers are helping us communicate with each other faster but when computers become corrupt they infect us all with errors.

When you sit at your computer keyboard, how calm and patient are you? If you are not patient, you will begin making mistakes, which in turn will reflect onrepparttar 132592 formation you are pass to others. The written word is powerful because it can and does affectrepparttar 132593 emotions of others. The words you write are based on your level of consideration and care for others. The words you write can also be interpreted in different ways. If you deliberately write to people to buy your products by telling a lie, you are helping to corrupt computers because information passed, from one computer to another, results in computers and their owner, being corrupt.

Honesty onrepparttar 132594 Internet is hard to find because every one that’s trying to make 100’s of 1,000’s of dollars each month, are encouraged to part with their money withrepparttar 132595 promise of riches. This in turn causesrepparttar 132596 person that has parted with his/her money, to encourage others to part with their money, which finally results in many people being disappointed. The key to success is within our emotions. If we want something eagerly enough we will achieve it, with enthusiasm and honesty. If we are dishonest we only fool people for a short time. Dishonesty infects computers and their owners with errors and in time it will be virtually impossible to make money onrepparttar 132597 Internet, unless we prove to each other that money can be made without investing a penny. It is logical that if money can be made from a product or service, it’s not necessary to ask for money upfront, ifrepparttar 132598 product or service is of real value torepparttar 132599 consumer.

Does size really matter?

Written by David Leonhardt

Bigger is better. Isn't thatrepparttar American dream?

Why buy a road-hogging, critter-squishing, bumper-defying, wall-of-metal SUV when you haverepparttar 132586 delicious option of buying a BIGGER road-hogging, critter-squishing, bumper-defying, wall-of-metal SUV?

Why settle for a puny three-bedroom, two-bathroom bungalow of our parents' generation nestled comfortably on a green plot of land with a few nice shade trees? In new "developments" these days, you can choose a two-storey home bulging beyondrepparttar 132587 property line of today's incredible shrinking lots, complete with a bedroom that can sleep 34 PLUS a walk-in closet that sleeps another 20 AND an ensuite bathroom big enough to store your SUV when your 300-cubit-long garage is full of toys or tools. (That's one arc-full, in case you didn't know.)

I remember early in primary school howrepparttar 132588 teachers made us line up according to height before we could go intorepparttar 132589 school. I suppose it was a measure of our universally exemplary behavior that I had plenty of time to daydream in line while some ofrepparttar 132590 more spirited children were rounded up byrepparttar 132591 sheep dogs.

My line-up thoughts often turned to dissecting school rules in hopes of finding intelligent life in them. Although my futile quest never succeeded, all was not lost. As one ofrepparttar 132592 shorter kids in my class, I developed a theoretic framework forrepparttar 132593 "lining up by height" rule. That framework tookrepparttar 132594 form of three questions:

1.If size does not matter, why were we being sorted by height? 2.If size does matter, what dorepparttar 132595 teachers have against us shorter kids, making a daily display ofrepparttar 132596 height we lacked? 3.If big is better, why wererepparttar 132597 shorter kids givenrepparttar 132598 front seats withrepparttar 132599 better view?

Althoughrepparttar 132600 answers to those questions remain a mystery to this day, I am convinced that size does not matter (except when someone offers me a slice of cheesecake – yum!).

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