Written by NS Kennedy

At some time or another evenrepparttar sweetest cat "misbehaves." Ironically, a cat's bad act is usually quite normal behavior for her, but may have a result humans don't like or want. Screaming atrepparttar 139674 cat or physically punishing her won't alter negative behavior. The best way to change undesirable behavior is to eliminaterepparttar 139675 opportunity and/or distractrepparttar 139676 cat to an acceptable alternative.

Immediacy is vital: even seconds late may be ineffective. You must do it as soon asrepparttar 139677 cat starts misbehaving.

Distracting a cat away from an act is not very difficult. A loud, unfamiliar noise will quickly get her attention. Some cat owners use a low growling sound, others imitaterepparttar 139678 grating sound of a game show buzzer. Keepingrepparttar 139679 sound low-toned and harsh is important, because you want to save high-pitched sounds for praise and reinforcement of positive behaviors.

One well-known way to distract a misbehaving cat is to give her a blast with a spray bottle. While this works, it has some drawbacks. First, you must haverepparttar 139680 bottle in your hand atrepparttar 139681 exact momentrepparttar 139682 cat is about to act in a way you want to discourage. Unless you follow your cat around all day with a spray bottle in your hand, this is unlikely to happen. The second problem is that this technique seems to lose effectiveness after a while with some cats.

The best way to extinguish negative behaviors is to removerepparttar 139683 opportunity. If your cat obsessively scratchesrepparttar 139684 side of your couch, place a loose blanket or hard acrylic panel against it. Both techniques remove her access torepparttar 139685 satisfying feel ofrepparttar 139686 fabric. If she climbs your curtains, shredding them as she goes, fold or pin them out of her reach unless you are around to stop her. If she has accidents only when you are not home, only give her free run ofrepparttar 139687 house when you are there. When you go out, close her in a room with food, water, litter box, scratching post and a couple of toys.

"Finding the Perfect Cat or Kitten for You and Your Family"

Written by NS Kennedy

Some people say they are exclusively "cat people," meaning they only want to have a cat as a pet. That doesn't mean that just any cat will berepparttar right companion. When choosing a cat to be your companion, be certain to makerepparttar 139550 choice that will work best for both you andrepparttar 139551 animal.

An athletic, highly energetic cat is fun to watch, but a cat can be a challenge to care for. A shy, sensitive cat probably wouldn't thrive in a home with lots of hullabaloo. The first step to choosing a cat is evaluating your lifestyle so you can find a cat with similar needs.

Some people only want a purebred, while others take great delight in their basic domestic crossbreed. Hair length is another decision to be made; long-haired cats require daily brushing and combing, but tend to shed less than short-haired cats. Do you haverepparttar 139552 time needed to raise a well-behaved kitten, or would a mature, mellow adult be a better companion? Once you have decided on whatrepparttar 139553 right cat for you will be like, it's time to startrepparttar 139554 search.

Where Can You Find a Cat?

* Breeders: you should spend time researching to find a reputable breeder with years of experience * Animal charities: these are usually a great source for a first time pet owner. The experienced and dedicated staff will be able to give you advice and knowledge * Friends or neighbours: this can sometimes be a good source, as you will know where your pet has come from. * Never buy through personal advertisements in papers - you don't know what you are getting

Whether you look for your feline friend at a local animal shelter or from a breeder, take your time and ask plenty of questions. When you find a cat that catches your attention, spend some time watching her, and watching her watch you. Does she vocalize to get your attention or act aloof? These behaviors can give you insight to a cat's personality.

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