Written by Craig Lock

What is copyright? No one can reproduce your work with- out your permission - not even a personal letter. How much of a writer's work can be legitimately used? A poem of 40-50 words is generally considered to be OK. Usually one is not allowed to copy substantial amounts of another writer's work without their express permission.

* But then what is meant byrepparttar word "substantial"? It is widely open to interpretation and opens up a literary and legal "minefield" (that's a metaphor, byrepparttar 108202 way!).

There are no hard and fast guidelines aboutrepparttar 108203 rule of copy- right. The following is a rough 'rule of thumb':

You can take approximately 300 words from a book or any other lengthy work of writing. You can also quote 150 words from a magazine article. Fifty (50) words quoted from a news- paper article is generally considered to be "fair use" without requiring either permission or a fee. Copyright lasts 50 years after your death.

You can use what is termed 'fair dealing' in writing reports, or researching material. I always advise acknowledging sources in your reference section (the bibliography - I tried very hard to bring in that impressive long word) .

It's all very unclear -repparttar 108204 entire subject of copyright; so I won't say too much. My simple words of advice are: Just use your common sense and discretion (if you have some)... and be HONEST by fol- lowing your heart. Don't copy other author's material and purport (nice word, eh?) to berepparttar 108205 author. One should not paraphrase a substantial amount of another author's writing, nor use that writer's points (or theme of their writing) without due ACKNOWLEDGMENT. Hint hint!

If you get into a dispute (oops!), there are specialised trade and copyright laywers (or solicitors as they call them here in 'civilised' NZ) inrepparttar 108206 big centres. If in doubt, get advice...then DON'T infringe copyright.

Send requests to use "borrowed" material torepparttar 108207 permissions editor of a magazine, newspaper or book publisher. Book publishers usually have a small department which deals solely in this. Give them as much information as possible about your article or book, your publisher, as well as other books or articles written by you. Tell them what quotes you want to use and why and so on. Say you will give them due acknowledgement in your writing. They'll usually oblige.

Why Good Copywriting Matters

Written by Amrit Hallan

Whether it is a web page or a brochure or a mailer or a newsletter, your written words deciderepparttar direction and dimension of your enterprise. The written copy of your message can make or break your business. It can make your reader eat out of your hand, it can incite a Jihad against you, and it can be simply dry.

The Internet is a great leveler. Althoughrepparttar 108201 current spate of pay-per-click search engines has maderepparttar 108202 battle ground a bit uneven, it is still favorable to small, but innovative businesses.

It took a severe economic jolt to make these businesses realizerepparttar 108203 power ofrepparttar 108204 written word repparttar 108205 copy of your pages that you put onrepparttar 108206 Net. For long its significance has been put onrepparttar 108207 backburner, and lots of breast-beating has gone intorepparttar 108208 cause ofrepparttar 108209 "latest development technology." Well, technology has its place, but what makes a customer do business with you is,repparttar 108210 written message.

It all depends onrepparttar 108211 words you use,repparttar 108212 way you use them,repparttar 108213 combinations you use them with, andrepparttar 108214 way you decide when not to use them - it's all about words.

Sadly,repparttar 108215 small-sized businesspersons do not take copywriting seriously until its too late. 95% of businesses fail because they fail to convey their message. Their copy is not convincing enough.

Whenever you convey a printed message, you have an end objective. The sort of response it invokes heftsrepparttar 108216 success ofrepparttar 108217 copy ofrepparttar 108218 printed message.

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