CONstructs: -Hallucination, Hypnosis and the Hexham Heads

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

As Above, SO Below:

The ‘As Above, So Below’ law that isrepparttar combination of micro and macrocosmic reality likely comes from Hermes Trismegistus, a Babylonian who became a Pharaoh of Egypt according torepparttar 145789 Arab Encyclopedia. Barrett is probably right about him being a legendary amalgam of people, but so what? This kind of semantic, pedantic, academic, squabbling just confusesrepparttar 145790 issue and people get torepparttar 145791 point where they take one side or another, rather than integrate and seerepparttar 145792 effect ofrepparttar 145793 power-mongers. Inrepparttar 145794 time of Shakespearerepparttar 145795 cosmogony relatingrepparttar 145796 alchemic Dictum of Hermes was known asrepparttar 145797 Harmony ofrepparttar 145798 Spheres. This Dictum is pictured onrepparttar 145799 back of Barrett’s book Secret Societies as taken from ‘Macoy’s Cyclopedia’ of things Masonic. But I cannot rehash all these things again, too much. I find many debunkers are agents of deceit like Barrett. I also wonder how Michel de Notredame’s book escaped being onrepparttar 145800 Inquisitional Codex untilrepparttar 145801 De Medici’s had lost their influence centuries after his Prophecies were printed.

Hypnosis and Ritual, blackboards to balls:

There are many symbols and artistic creations that are able to contactrepparttar 145802 mind and set its archetypal memories or information systems in action. It is clear that animals have always foundrepparttar 145803 place where legs meet to be an enjoyable spot and it wasn’t all a learned response. We have a vestigial obsession or primal urge that accentuatesrepparttar 145804 importance of certain aesthetics which are part ofrepparttar 145805 archetypal knowledge. Millions of years of conditioning reinforcerepparttar 145806 lines and constructs of such things across a wide range of forms that become or became templates ofrepparttar 145807 energy flow. Which came first -repparttar 145808 form orrepparttar 145809 thought? On other occasions we seerepparttar 145810 mind is involved or affected into becoming hypnotized beyond relaxation. I suspectrepparttar 145811 mind or brain functioning is able to be affected by these symbols or suggestions which are difficult for people to consciously intercept throughrepparttar 145812 interface withrepparttar 145813 Thalami and their crystalline structure.

Boredom in classrooms can actually make students more receptive to implanted attitudes or acceptance ofrepparttar 145814 prevailing attitudes thatrepparttar 145815 paradigm re-inforces or ‘enforces’. In these mental states of semi or full hypnotic trance,repparttar 145816 mind becomes conditioned and almost thinksrepparttar 145817 programming came from ‘within’. Suggestopaedia is a technique developed by biophysicist Dr. Milan Ryzl that broadcasts overrepparttar 145818 barriers created by conscious processing. It could have great potential for good or bad application in education and learning. I can see how it might have something to do with meditation andrepparttar 145819 Thalami amplification to affect brain use. Inrepparttar 145820 short span of 15 minutes a person can have over 90% recall of a new language some two weeks later if I rememberrepparttar 145821 research as spoken about in Psychic Discoveries Behindrepparttar 145822 Iron Curtain.

However, my first wife took a course in teaching using this method and from what I saw ofrepparttar 145823 course material they took awayrepparttar 145824 music and chair that put a person intorepparttar 145825 altered state before beginningrepparttar 145826 information. I suppose it is another example of co-opting good ideas and making it seem like they have been tried. What good this does is beyond me. It isn’t as if humanity would not be better off if people could learn and take pride in thinking, is it? The co-operative learning that emphasizes all learning styles from linear logical to spatial creative is being employed similarly although I hearrepparttar 145827 US has some teachers who are actually usingrepparttar 145828 full technique. Hypnotists I have read, actually sayrepparttar 145829 authoritative symbols like a blackboard can and do cause hypnosis.

Some ofrepparttar 145830 symbols on stelae and megalithic structures would have power as well asrepparttar 145831 sacred or worshipful intent that minds can generate through increased expectation and belief. Who has not ‘felt’repparttar 145832 presence of past souls or thought therefrom in an old home? This ambience of textural sponges which soak uprepparttar 145833 energy is in all matter and its lattices of molecules. It makesrepparttar 145834 stone become more powerful asrepparttar 145835 ‘energy wells’ that Dr. Robins speaks to are filled to capacity. Someday we may be able to access some of this knowledge or understandrepparttar 145836 process as a result ofrepparttar 145837 effort of solid state chemists or physicists with an open mind. The ancients had more than a million years of observing and relating and they often didn’t have someone to tell them it was this or ‘that’, they just knew or ‘felt’ and observed. The Information Age inundates us with even more information and some of us are unable to focus and processrepparttar 145838 resultant data overflow. Is this part of a standard operating procedure employed by social engineers today? It can be called ‘BS baffles brains’ orrepparttar 145839 ‘Big Lie’.

“The object of crystal gazing is, as has been said,repparttar 145840 induction of a kind of hypnotic state giving rise to hallucinations of a visionary nature,repparttar 145841 reflection of light inrepparttar 145842 crystal forming ‘points de repère’ for such hallucinations. The value of elaborate ceremonies and impressive rituals thus lies in their potency to affectrepparttar 145843 mind andrepparttar 145844 imagination ofrepparttar 145845 seer.

Father Ernetti and The Philosopher's Stone

Written by Robert Bruce Baird

And there will be many ‘experts’ who say that light speed is still not transcendable or that time is linear and it is not possible to do many things that I posit in these pages, I know. I offer up this site to these people and say thatrepparttar whole truth of what Black Ops and other agents of real knowledge pursue is not underrepparttar 145757 control of NASA or The Smithsonian and other public or relatively transparent structure of academia and government. Here is a site worth looking into that discusses some ofrepparttar 145758 things that many have known for a long time. It does not includerepparttar 145759 Catholic scholar/physicist who reportedly has developed a chronovisor in conjunction with Werner von Braun and Fermi’s inputs that would be similar to one thingrepparttar 145760 Philosopher’s Stone could achieve (

“Father Pellegrino Maria Ernetti (1925-1994) was a Benedictine priest, scientist, and world-class authority on "archaic" music (pre-Christian to 10th century A.D.). He claimed to have yoked quantum physics torepparttar 145761 occult arts to construct a time-machine--repparttar 145762 chronovisor. Father Ernetti said he had traveled to Rome in 169 B.C. to witness a performance ofrepparttar 145763 now-lost tragedy, Thyestes, byrepparttar 145764 father of Latin poetry, Quintus Ennius. He claimed to have usedrepparttar 145765 chronovisor to watch Christ dying onrepparttar 145766 cross. Why would so distinguished a churchman have feltrepparttar 145767 need to confabulate such a story? Isrepparttar 145768 Vatican suppressingrepparttar 145769 full truth of Father Ernetti’s life and achievements?” (1)

It is correct to say there are many impressions of whatrepparttar 145770 Philosopher's Stone is or whatrepparttar 145771 'Great Work' of The Philosopher's might truly be. There probably have been some that are considered alchemists who have misledrepparttar 145772 general public about it at various times due torepparttar 145773 Inquisitions just as was true with another ofrepparttar 145774 quests ofrepparttar 145775 alchemist. I refer in this instance torepparttar 145776 homonunclus or artificial man that was made by Thomas Aquinas and his mentor and one-time Dominican bishop Frater Albertus Magnus. They were almost as Divinely Inspired as Constantine in their answer torepparttar 145777 agents ofrepparttar 145778 heresy trial they were about to face.

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