CO2, Global Warming, and Pollen-Allergies

Written by Thomas Ogren

CO2, Global Warming, and Pollen-Allergies

Thomas Ogren

The benefits of added organic matter torepparttar soil have long been known and are usually attributed to increased nitrogen, greater water-holding capacity and an increase in activity of soil earthworms and microbes. But experiments have shown thatrepparttar 110105 increase in carbon dioxide (CO2) release that accompanies added organic matter is certainly one ofrepparttar 110106 main reasons why adding organic matter torepparttar 110107 soil increases plant growth. Greenhouse owners have long understood that plants consume CO2 and release oxygen. In a greenhouse packed full of plants, throughrepparttar 110108 process of photosynthesis,repparttar 110109 plants can quickly use up most ofrepparttar 110110 available CO2 and then their growth slows down or stops. To compensate for this, old time growers used to place boxes or flats of fresh manure underneath their greenhouse benches. Asrepparttar 110111 manure decomposed it released CO2 intorepparttar 110112 greenhouse air andrepparttar 110113 plants grew faster as a result. In today’s modern greenhouses, especially those with concrete floors, lack of CO2 is always a concern. Most ofrepparttar 110114 newer greenhouse ranges are now equipped with automatic CO2 regulators that monitorrepparttar 110115 amount of CO2 inrepparttar 110116 air insiderepparttar 110117 greenhouse and then release more as needed. In these greenhouses with their gas growth CO2 generatorsrepparttar 110118 plants don’t just grow bigger-- they also mature earlier.

So, what has all this to do with global warming and allergies?

As we become more and more reliant on burning petroleum products and as our global temperatures continue to rise, carbon dioxide levels in our air are rising. Beforerepparttar 110119 last election we inrepparttar 110120 US had assumed, incorrectly, that no matter which candidate wonrepparttar 110121 election, new controls were going to be placed on CO2 emissions. We know better now. The US with its huge consumption of fossil fuels, (the U.S. produces nearly 25 percent of man-made carbon dioxide emissions worldwide). also is experiencingrepparttar 110122 greatest increase in CO2. Actually, CO2 accounts for 80-85 percent ofrepparttar 110123 heat trapping (greenhouse) gases contributing to global warming. The idea that is now calledrepparttar 110124 “Greening Theory” holds that all this extra CO2 is good. It will result in increased plant growth and thus in resulting increases in food supplies. There is some merit to this theory but there are numerous downsides too.

Pollen-Allergies There are many negative effects from global warming but let’s just consider one here, pollen production and it’s affect on allergies. Since 1959 allergies have dramatically increased inrepparttar 110125 US from 2 to 5 percent ofrepparttar 110126 population affected, to a whopping 38 percent now. Largely because ofrepparttar 110127 huge horticultural “success” ofrepparttar 110128 much over-simplified theory of “litter-free” landscaping we already have vast urban landscapes that are heavily loaded with wind-pollinated dioecious male cultivars (clones) of trees and shrubs. These modern landscape trees result in surrounding air with unnaturally large amounts of allergenic pollen. Becauserepparttar 110129 “messy” urban female trees are now so rare, almost none of this pollen is now trapped, removed fromrepparttar 110130 air and turned into seed. (Female trees produce no pollen, ever, but they do make seeds, pods, and fruit.) We have tidy sidewalks but pollen-filled air. Under normal carbon dioxide levels these male cloned trees will always produce abundant amounts of pollen. Under increased levels of carbon dioxide, they produce considerably more. The increase in temperature itself also results in increased pollen production, and in pollen production that starts earlier inrepparttar 110131 spring and lasts further intorepparttar 110132 fall. There is research that shows that under stress conditions male plants are able to take up more water than are females. Under stress conditions, such as drought, male trees are also able to hold ontorepparttar 110133 water they already have better than are female plants. Where there are abundant water and soil nutrient sourcesrepparttar 110134 increases in carbon dioxide levels in our air will result in larger urban trees, which if they’re allergy trees, will be capable of producing ever more pollen. Increases in carbon dioxide increase plant growth but only if there is enough available extra water and nitrogen inrepparttar 110135 soil to support this additional growth. Whenrepparttar 110136 supplies of water and nutrients are not adequate to support this added CO2-induced growth interesting physiological things happen in plants. Foremost, it is an added stress onrepparttar 110137 plants and stress often results in an increase in unusual reproduction factors.

The Top 10 Benefits of Spiritual Environmental Design

Written by Bea Fields

What would your life be like if you were surrounded by "feel good" people, places, and things so that your spirit really getsrepparttar chance to soar? This top ten, taken from CoachVille's Personal Environments Community at , exploresrepparttar 110104 benefits of usingrepparttar 110105 art of environmental design inrepparttar 110106 realm of spirituality.

1. Assess and Create Sacred Space

We all have spaces that we declare as being sacred...those places and in our homes, hearts, offices, communities, network, in families, and in nature that we can call our own and that represent that which is spiritual in our lives. Whether it is a grand cathedral, an intimate corner in a shared room or a park bench byrepparttar 110107 water, sacred spaces are a vital part of our expression of our inner selves. The things we surround ourselves with are a direct reflection of our inner spiritual being. What do your surroundings reflect about your level of spirituality?

2. Increaserepparttar 110108 Energy Vibrations of Your Surroundings

The energy of your surroundings, known as "chi" can be free flowing (high energy) or it can be stagnant (low energy). Nothing affectsrepparttar 110109 chi energy of your spaces more than clutter or unfinished business. "Chi" is similar torepparttar 110110 blood ofrepparttar 110111 body. Ifrepparttar 110112 blood ofrepparttar 110113 body becomes clotted or "cluttered," major health complications can occur (heart attack, stroke, high blood pressure.) Imagine thatrepparttar 110114 piles of clutter, books, and "stuff" in your attic are cloggingrepparttar 110115 arteries orrepparttar 110116 flow of your home. Is it time to raiserepparttar 110117 energy vibrations where you live and work?

3. Work Effectively With Color

Our reactions to colors are led by a combination of biological, physiological, psychological, social and cultural factors, and yes...color has an affect onrepparttar 110118 way we operate and our ability to connect to our spiritual being. Certain color effects seem more universal, such as that of "warm" and "cool" colors. Warm colors include magenta, red, orange, yellow, and yellow-green. They speed up our perception of time and produce feelings that are warm and cozy. These colors are associated with excitement, happiness, boldness, and comfort. Cool Colors generally include violet, blue, light blue, cyan and sea green. Emotions associated with these colors include peacefulness and can also represent sadness, withdrawal and repression. Arerepparttar 110119 colors you wear and have around you working for you or against you?

4. Resonate with Harmony and Joy

When vibration is timed to be in synchronism and it is noted that less and less energy is required to then exciterepparttar 110120 system, resonance is said to occur. Pure resonance occurring in a system will allow a system when started vibrating to continue indefinitely. Resonance is a basic principle that affects everyone and everything. This same principle applies for a person in need of physical healing, and/or mental and emotional transformation. The correct frequency remindsrepparttar 110121 body's energy field of its original design, and brings it into harmony. When we are inrepparttar 110122 presence of a person who is expressing joy,repparttar 110123 energy field of their joy brings our own joy torepparttar 110124 surface, so we resonate together. There will be certain people, sounds, ways of being, music, foods, and objects that create resonance in your environment. Who or what are these? Find ways to include more of them as a way to enhance your spiritual well being.

5. Eliminate Emotional and Spiritual Blind Spots

Emotional and spiritual blind spots can create energy which is draining. For example: You are judging someone for their religious beliefs, which is actually a judgment against yourself (maybe you are struggling with what you believe.) Your cultural background tells you that a certain "belief is wrong," so you project your feelings about belief systems onto others. Education and a great deal of understanding of others can go a long way with overcoming emotional and spiritual blind spots. What are some of your blind spots and how might they be robbing you of energy, spirituality and joy?

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