Written by windsong

In determining what to sell on your website, you have several options and their variations available to you. You could sell your own product, or you could sell someone else's product. You could sell just one product, or you could sell many. Each of these options has both advantages and disadvantages.

Some ofrepparttar "experts" say to only sell one product and spend your time promoting that product. I rather likerepparttar 109036 old adage of not putting all your eggs in one basket. My personal preference would be to sell a line of related products. This option opens uprepparttar 109037 perfect senario and justification for doorway pages to your site. The biggest advantage is that it keepsrepparttar 109038 door open to repeat sales from your current customers.

It seems to me that if you only sell one product that you are limitingrepparttar 109039 size of your potential audience, as well asrepparttar 109040 potential for repeat sales. (unless, of course, you are selling a consumable product.) If you have a line of products, or even if you choose some unrelated products, it seems to broadenrepparttar 109041 range of your targeted audience. However, I do see whererepparttar 109042 "experts" are coming from. You can sell more of a product if you spend more time promoting it. Their theory, I think is that you spread yourself too thin when you are promoting many.

If you are selling only one product, it requires that you continually find new customers. Once your customers have purchased your product, they are no longer 'prospective' customers. However, if you have a line of products, then your established customers become a very valuable asset. If they are happy with their purchase, they are likely to buy from you again. And again.

Effective Tactics that Boost Your Holiday Sales

Written by Brian Su

Many small e-tailers heavily rely on holiday sales. Meanwhile, numerous net shoppers are looking around for perfect holiday gifts in order to avoid crows inrepparttar mall. Here are seven effective tactics that you can implement to attract shoppers and increase online sales immediately. If you followrepparttar 109035 tactics in a proper manner, you may see instant result. 1) Focus on Online Shopping Benefits Holiday shopping has become a big headache for many consumers. Some donít like crowds inrepparttar 109036 mall, many are not sure what to buy; guys are usually ďdonít have timeĒ to go shopping. Therefore, you must emphasizerepparttar 109037 following advantages that you may consider to offer: convenient and secure shopping, big discounts, no sales tax, fast delivery, or evens free shipping. In one word, consumers can save big money when shopping at your online store. 2) Make an Offer No-one Can Resist Everyone who visits your store may be a prospect for your merchandise. Make an exclusive online offer that a visitor can take advantage of, such as discount, cash rebate, free shipping, buy one get one free deal, etc. For example, online jewelry store offers free shipping and discounts on all of their merchandise. There are many creative ways to give your prospects a special offer they cannot refuse. You'll attract maximum number of customers when you offer a good deal they cannot get from other online stores and your competitors. 3) Develop a Cash Rebate & Discount Coupon Program If you don't have a cash rebate or discount coupon program, then create one by offering an online printable coupon that a prospect can download for mail-in rebate when they place an order and/or new orders. Coupons have been proven very effective for many online stores. It provides additional incentive for shoppers to spend extra bucks. Spell outrepparttar 109038 terms and conditions for your coupon program. Donít forget to encourage shoppers to print out and give away your discount coupons to their friends. 4) Share Your Customersí Testimonials Your store may be new to many online shoppers. Many prospects may consider emptying their shopping cart before they leave. If you have any satisfied customers with your services and products, you should display them on your site to boost customer confidence and their faith on your business. Customer satisfaction isrepparttar 109039 number one issue for online business. Consider offering a liberal money back guarantee policy. 5) Display Your Return Policy and Privacy Statement

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