Written by Jerome Dsouza

While much is still being said and done about earning offrepparttar internet one thing seems to get missed out almost always - The Starting Attitude!

If I may hazardrepparttar 117556 truth then this might well berepparttar 117557 most common starting attitude where online earning is concerned.

" This seems like easy money "

No doubt about it - In it's own way an extremely good attitude, simply irreplaceable and simply irresistible. Matter of fact - justrepparttar 117558 kind of attitude that has caused and continues to sustainrepparttar 117559 MLM fusion for all these years.

Well, it isn't 'easy money' as we soon realise.

Business remains Business, Offline or Online! The ONLY difference is inrepparttar 117560 tool -repparttar 117561 internet. One helluva difference no doubt but Business is STILL BUSINESS. And considering that many of us have spent quite a few years Offline without much significant success how come a short number of Online years is going to be any different?

The point is...The Starting Attitude.

A valid starting attitude would take various facts into account, one of which would definitely include our accumulated offline skills-sets till now. Another would temperrepparttar 117562 dreams of millions withrepparttar 117563 concerns of a Business Perspective. Butrepparttar 117564 best starting atttitude could be one that's just simple and true...

"Dear Bill Gates" or How NOT to Start Your Business

Written by Milana Leshinsky

This subject is familiar to many solo entrepreneurs. Yet you will rarely see it discussed openly. It is a side effect of selling a good product. Sort of a "bonus" that comes with being successful.

Once in a while I get an e-mail that reads along these lines:

"Send me your product first. If satisfied, will pay. Too many scams out there. Prove that you're not."


"Help me make it happen for me, then I will send you my payment."

or better yet

"I am a poor man from South Africa. Praying to God that you will send me ALL of your products for free. I want you to be my guide, my coach, my mentor... and have it in your heart not to charge me until I start making money."

At first, I thought, whatrepparttar heck - his $40 will not make me any richer, and would sendrepparttar 117555 person my products free of charge. Especially since these e-books didn't cost anything to deliver.

But after a while, as my online business grew and traffic to my web sites increased, I started getting similar e-mails about once a week. People would ask me to send them my products for free, and when they start making money onrepparttar 117556 Internet, they would send me their payment.

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