CD/DVD Master Preparation Tips

Written by Adam Platzer

“CD/DVD Master” isrepparttar disc you provide to your CD/DVD vendor for replication or duplication of that media. Here are some helpful tips for creating a high quality master:

·Always use high quality media. All media is notrepparttar 124125 same. Do your research and choose a brand that will produce a high quality disc consistently. ·Avoid burning from a network source. If your source files are on a network drive, copyrepparttar 124126 files to your local hard drive before burning a disc. If you cannot moverepparttar 124127 files to your local drive, please userepparttar 124128 “Copy To Hard Drive First” feature. Your burning software will create a temporary image file duringrepparttar 124129 burning process. Whenrepparttar 124130 burn is complete,repparttar 124131 temporary file is deleted. ·Avoid burning on a laptop computer running on battery power. Fluctuations in available power may yield poor results. ·Always “Finalize” your disc. If you userepparttar 124132 drag and drop interface that is built into some operating systems (Windows XP), be sure to select “finalize disc”. This will increaserepparttar 124133 “read” compatibility in other CD-ROM drives. ·Don’t use packet-writing method to burn master disc. This method is most common with burner drives that have “re-write” capabilities. It is similar torepparttar 124134 “drag-and-drop” method described above. This burn method produces discs that cannot be read on many CD-ROM drives. We cannot accept a master that is burned to a ReWritable (CD-/+RW or DVD+RW) disc.

Don’t use markers to label CDs and DVDs

Written by Adam Platzer

Many people use markers to write onrepparttar surface of their CDs and DVDs when labeling their media. What most people do not know is that using markers, such as Sharpies, ballpoint pens, or any other sharp object can be very damaging torepparttar 124124 media. Most markers contain chemicals that create oxidation, which can deterioraterepparttar 124125 CD or DVD. The oxidation can ruinrepparttar 124126 aluminum, which coversrepparttar 124127 surface ofrepparttar 124128 media and ultimately can destroyrepparttar 124129 data onrepparttar 124130 disc. Additionally, these types of markers can damagerepparttar 124131 physical structure ofrepparttar 124132 disc.

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