CD-ROM Problems

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

Today there are many forms of CD (compact disc) media. CD-RW allows you to over-write previous data. CD-R is one-time recordable. This article focuses on problems with standard CD-ROMs (read only media), but some ofrepparttar 107834 information also applies torepparttar 107835 recordable forms.

A CD-ROM is written by etching "pits" intorepparttar 107836 surface ofrepparttar 107837 disc. To read a CD, a laser beam is directed atrepparttar 107838 disc as it spins insiderepparttar 107839 drive. The areas betweenrepparttar 107840 pits, called "lands", reflect more light thanrepparttar 107841 pits. A sensor inrepparttar 107842 drive readsrepparttar 107843 data by measuringrepparttar 107844 amount of reflected light.

Most problems with CD-ROMs are caused by mishandling. Fingerprints and scratches onrepparttar 107845 surface ofrepparttar 107846 CD cause electrical noise when read inrepparttar 107847 drive. Never touchrepparttar 107848 recorded surface of a CD-ROM, always hold it byrepparttar 107849 edges. Never put a label on a CD-ROM, this can cause it to vibrate because of an imbalance.

Userepparttar 107850 following troubleshooting guide.

Can't Read CD-ROM

First checkrepparttar 107851 obvious. Try another CD-ROM inrepparttar 107852 drive. If you have another computer, tryrepparttar 107853 first CD-ROM inrepparttar 107854 other computer.

Recordable CDs are made differently than regular CD-ROMS. Instead of etching pits intorepparttar 107855 surface ofrepparttar 107856 disc, heat is used to burn spots onrepparttar 107857 surface ofrepparttar 107858 disc. Some high-speed CD-ROM drives cannot read some recordable CDs. Also,repparttar 107859 file structure on a recordable CD may not be compatible withrepparttar 107860 operating system.

No CD Sound

Ifrepparttar 107861 CD drive starts, but no sound comes fromrepparttar 107862 speakers, try plugging a headset intorepparttar 107863 jack onrepparttar 107864 front ofrepparttar 107865 drive. Ifrepparttar 107866 headset works,repparttar 107867 problem is in your speaker system or sound card.

Ifrepparttar 107868 CD drive does not start, enable autoplay on your computer. Select Start | Settings | Control Panel | System. Inrepparttar 107869 System dialog box selectrepparttar 107870 Device Manager tab. Click onrepparttar 107871 + sign next to CDROM to open that branch. Then click onrepparttar 107872 name ofrepparttar 107873 CD-ROM to highlight it. Click onrepparttar 107874 Properties button. Inrepparttar 107875 properties dialog box, selectrepparttar 107876 Settings tab. Checkrepparttar 107877 box next to "Auto insert notification". Click onrepparttar 107878 OK button. Then remove and replacerepparttar 107879 CD.

How to Create an Emergency Repair Disk

Written by Stephen Bucaro

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By Stephen Bucaro

If your operating system is Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000, it isn't bootable with a boot disk. With these operating systems you need an Emergency Repair Disk that works withrepparttar 107833 systems built-in repair functions.

Note: Windows XP Home Edition doesn't use an Emergency Repair Disk, instead it usesrepparttar 107834 Windows Me style System Restore feature.

To create an Emergency Repair Disk, prepare a formatted floppy disk and label it "Emergency Repair Disk" along withrepparttar 107835 date and specify which computer it was made with. An Emergency Repair Disk is specific torepparttar 107836 system that you created it on.

Click Start | Programs | Accessories | System Tools | Backup. The Backup utility window will appear. Click onrepparttar 107837 "Emergency Repair Disk" button. When prompted to, insertrepparttar 107838 formatted floppy disk that you prepared intorepparttar 107839 floppy disk drive. Setrepparttar 107840 check box to also backuprepparttar 107841 registry. Then click onrepparttar 107842 "OK" button.

Afterrepparttar 107843 Emergency Repair Disk has been written, clickrepparttar 107844 "OK" button and removerepparttar 107845 disk.

If your computer fails to start,repparttar 107846 Emergency Repair Disk will help you repair your system files. it works with information stored in your computers C:WINNT/repair folder.

To userepparttar 107847 Emergency Repair Disk to restore your computer:

1. Make sure your BIOS is configured to boot fromrepparttar 107848 CD-ROM Drive. Then start your computer from your Windows XP Professional or Windows 2000 setup CD. You may be prompted to press a key to boot fromrepparttar 107849 CD-ROM drive.

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