CCTV for the Home

Written by Owen Gerrard

Everything about housing is available online now, from home lighting options torepparttar types of laminate flooring available as well asrepparttar 144093 fashion trends in garden furniture.


Securing your property is one ofrepparttar 144094 growing domestic issues inrepparttar 144095 UK today. Some research suggests that at least one home is broken into every minute. Therefore, protecting homes and properties has become a priority andrepparttar 144096 advent of Closed Circuit Televisions or CCTVs is timely to sayrepparttar 144097 least and can be employed for this purpose.

What is CCTV exactly ? CCTV is a surveillance technology used initially to monitor commercial properties and public places, but has been adapted torepparttar 144098 residential property to help home security. It is basically a camera, or a network of linked cameras, that produce viewable and recordable images. It would be quite unusual for a comprehensive security system to be without CCTV. The cameras can interface with other systems such as alarms i.e.repparttar 144099 cameras can start recording when an alarm is triggered either automatically or by human intervention. Nowadays, wireless CCTVs systems are gaining popularity as they obviously do away with wiring systems and they are also easier to operate and maintain. They are also easier to protect from being compromised. The wireless cameras also allow for more flexibility and mobility, as it is much easier to install wireless cameras, even inrepparttar 144100 most inaccessible areas.

Another important development is that CCTV also facilitate remote monitoring i.e. you do not have to be on site to viewrepparttar 144101 images. So it is possible to view real time images of what is happening back home from your work place or on holiday, you need to type inrepparttar 144102 URL ofrepparttar 144103 server that controlsrepparttar 144104 wireless cameras from any browser. You can see these images just as easily on your mobile phone. Some security companies will also provide a service that monitorsrepparttar 144105 premises for you, so you effectively are rentingrepparttar 144106 equipment. That way you can keep up with any major technical advances.


Written by John Rocco

Last week, I explained how to remove your old steel casement windows as you prepare each opening forrepparttar new Vinyl windows. In most ofrepparttar 143980 country, you are limited to a replacement style frame, which is a new construction frame withrepparttar 143981 nail fin removed. Remember, when you removedrepparttar 143982 old casement window, you leftrepparttar 143983 perimeter frame in place. So, you have a lip protruding intorepparttar 143984 opening that is approximately 1/2" wide. You need to order your replacement style frame to fit inside of this old frame. Measurerepparttar 143985 width from lip to lip and deduct 1/4 to 3/8". Measurerepparttar 143986 height and deduct 1/4". When you installrepparttar 143987 new window, restrepparttar 143988 new frame onrepparttar 143989 bottom lip ofrepparttar 143990 old frame. Leaverepparttar 143991 front ofrepparttar 143992 new frame further outside thanrepparttar 143993 old frame lip. How far out depends on you, and how much inside sill space you want. A quality vinyl replacement window will measure 3 1/4" deep. Drive a screw inrepparttar 143994 top center to hold it in place. Then, make surerepparttar 143995 window is perfectly upright before installing a screw inrepparttar 143996 bottom center. Now you can securerepparttar 143997 rest ofrepparttar 143998 window with screws.

At this point you should have a replacement window that is approximately 5/8" away fromrepparttar 143999 left and right wall, 1/2" fromrepparttar 144000 bottom, and 3/4" fromrepparttar 144001 top. You now need to insulate and trim all four sides. You should get a trim that will adhere torepparttar 144002 face ofrepparttar 144003 window frame onrepparttar 144004 outside, then go over torepparttar 144005 wall from whichrepparttar 144006 lip is protruding on all four sides. However, before applyingrepparttar 144007 trim, fillrepparttar 144008 space with fiberglass insulation. You can get a roll of insulation atrepparttar 144009 hardware store. You can also getrepparttar 144010 trim there, but if you choose a wood trim, you will have to paint it. Also, wood is susceptible to weather, so you might be repainting somewhere downrepparttar 144011 road. I sell a vinyl flat trim in several different widths, that has an adhesive backing to stick torepparttar 144012 face ofrepparttar 144013 window. Since it's an exterior grade trim, it will never need maintenance. You dorepparttar 144014 same procedure when trimming outrepparttar 144015 inside. Be sure to seal whererepparttar 144016 trim meetsrepparttar 144017 wall on all four sides inside and out.

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