CCTV – What Are The Advantages? How Do I Decide, What I Need?

Written by Jimmie Newell

Closed circuit TV systems have been available for many years, they have also undergone some almost miraculous transformations in recent years. What used to be very expensive, cumbersome and hard to configure systems are now very reasonable, easy to configure , and easy to maintain, and they provide much more versatility and usefulness than just a few years ago.

When choosing system componentsrepparttar first decision you need to make is what are you using it for. The primary uses for CCTV systems are surveillance, traffic control, theft, shoplifting, employee theft, and/or robbery deterrence, and identification. Surveillance and traffic control probably do not require color cameras, black & white may actually provide better resolution. However theft, shoplifting and/or robbery deterrence and identification may require color cameras, if there is an arrest and prosecution a court will require color to make positive identification, on a black & white recording a red sweatshirt would appear to be gray.

Next you need to decide what exactly do you want to see, how far away is it, what arerepparttar 146540 lighting conditions, is it indoor or outdoor, how wide a viewing angle is desired? The answers to these questions will help you chooserepparttar 146541 correct kind of camera and lens combination,repparttar 146542 correct mounting or enclosure, even what kind of cabling needs to be provided.Deciding how you will view, record and storerepparttar 146543 information is next onrepparttar 146544 list.

The choices for viewing include a central monitoring point, multiple monitors, single monitors that can show multiple images, on your computer viarepparttar 146545 Internet, how about on a special cell phone from anywhere inrepparttar 146546 world. Recording and storing information can range from a time lapse recorder, your computer, or a DVR recorder. If you use a time lapse recorder, you need to be aware ofrepparttar 146547 limitations on what is recorded and when, and you may need more equipment, such as a switcher and/or multiplexer. Storage of video tapes can also be a challenge. With a DVR recorder, all you need to decide is how long to you want to save events at one time,repparttar 146548 longer time frame you want to save,repparttar 146549 bigger hard drive you need. Events or time periods that need to be saved can be downloaded to a computer, or burned to a CD, very economical and easy to manage. A DVR, unlikerepparttar 146550 time lapse recorder will record continuously from all camera's, they also incorporaterepparttar 146551 switcher and multiplexer functions into one unit. A few years ago DVR recorders were very expensive, today they are very reasonable, and will continue to go down in cost and provide more advanced features.

Portrait Photography

Written by Roy Barker

The market opportunities for Portrait photography are now so enormous, that they include every dwelling where you live. Everyone wants his or her photograph taken for some reason, orrepparttar other. Not only can you target every building, but also it is a type of business where repeat business potential is also enormous. Parents now repeatrepparttar 146502 opportunities for formal portraits; add to that is that they have more than one child,repparttar 146503 possibilities for repeat business is also enormous.

It is a business that you can start very easily from home; it means that you are not working in outdoor inclement weather conditions. The equipment you need is comparatively modest. A camera, good lenses, a tripod, two or three lights and several pieces of cloth that will make various backdrops. Not only isrepparttar 146504 equipment modest it is also light if you have to transfer it to an event outside your home.

The most important rule to remember is that it is a portrait, not necessarily of justrepparttar 146505 head, butrepparttar 146506 person, or group isrepparttar 146507 focal part ofrepparttar 146508 picture, so it is important to takerepparttar 146509 photograph without any extraneous clutter. Because you will always be dealing with people you have to maintain control, not as a tyrant, but you have to guide your subjects. Therefore a certain degree of self-confidence is necessary. If you are taking a formal portrait of a group of children it is necessary for you asrepparttar 146510 photographer to ensure that none ofrepparttar 146511 children are making faces.

When you have signed up a person for a photographic portrait take a few extra shots, and offer them as wallet or purse photographs at a smaller fee. You already haverepparttar 146512 start business capitalise on it, few people can resistrepparttar 146513 feeling that they have got “something for nothing”. This may seem a waste of time; they can be important additives for your portfolio.

Portrait photography has undergone many changes of style sincerepparttar 146514 introduction ofrepparttar 146515 formal portrait. The modern emphasis is to bring out each individual’s personality. Top glamour models are paid enormous fees to express a distinctive personality, but to bring that aspect forward in your subject is as much about people skills as camera techniques. It is imperative to be able to create a rapport with your subject to bring outrepparttar 146516 expressions that display their personality. Anyone overrepparttar 146517 age of two can pose forrepparttar 146518 camera, with a vacuous expression, butrepparttar 146519 secret of saleable portrait photography is capturing more thanrepparttar 146520 pose. To be a really good portrait photographer you have to be able to connect with people, if you have not got these skills, then it is better that you concentrate on some other types of photography

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