Written by Harun yahya

THE MIRACLE IN THE IRON Iron is one ofrepparttar elements highlighted inrepparttar 127686 Qur'an. In Sura Hadid, meaning Iron, we are informed: …And We sent down iron in which there lies great force and which has many uses for mankind.... (The Qur'an, 57:25) The word "sent down," particularly used for iron inrepparttar 127687 verse, could be thought of having a metaphorical meaning to explain that iron has been given to benefit people. But when we take into considerationrepparttar 127688 literal meaning ofrepparttar 127689 word, which is, "being physically sent down fromrepparttar 127690 sky", we realize that this verse implies a very significant scientific miracle. This is because modern astronomical findings have disclosed thatrepparttar 127691 iron found in our world has come fromrepparttar 127692 giant stars in outer space. The heavy metals inrepparttar 127693 universe are produced inrepparttar 127694 nuclei of big stars. Our solar system, however, does not possess a suitable structure for producing iron on its own. Iron can only be produced in much bigger stars thanrepparttar 127695 Sun, whererepparttar 127696 temperature reaches a few hundred million degrees. Whenrepparttar 127697 amount of iron exceeds a certain level in a star,repparttar 127698 star can no longer accommodate it, and eventually it explodes in what is called a "nova" or a "supernova". As a result of this explosion, meteors containing iron are scattered aroundrepparttar 127699 universe, and they move throughrepparttar 127700 void until attracted byrepparttar 127701 gravitational force of a celestial body. All this shows that iron did not form onrepparttar 127702 Earth, but was carried from exploding stars in space via meteors, and was "sent down to earth", in exactlyrepparttar 127703 same way as stated inrepparttar 127704 verse: It is clear that this fact could not have been scientifically known inrepparttar 127705 7th century, whenrepparttar 127706 Qur'an was revealed.

Scientists Declaration about The Holy Quran and Islam-Joe Leigh Simpson

Written by Joe Leigh Simpson

Author and editor of over 20 books, and has published over 181 scientific papers. Co-author of The Developing He isrepparttar President ofrepparttar 127685 American Fertility Society. He has received many awards, includingrepparttar 127686 Association of Professors of Obstetrics and Gynaecology Public Recognition Award in 1992. Like many others, Professor Simpson was taken by surprise when he discovered thatrepparttar 127687 Qur'ān and Hadīth contain verses related to his specialised field of study. When he met with Sheikh cAbdul-Majeed A.Zindanī, he insisted on verifyingrepparttar 127688 text presented to him fromrepparttar 127689 Qur'ān and Hadīth.

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