Written by Joan Bramsch

How many times have you been told: "You're a terrific cook! You should be inrepparttar catering business."

And how many times have you thought to yourself, "It could be a great experience, being a caterer." But you were afraid! And you didn't know where to begin.

CATER YOUR WAY TO RICHE$ aims to quickly and easily fill in all those gaps with information. Information that will let you Cater Your Way To Riche$ and to personal satisfaction. Even on a part-time basis, for once in your life, you can berepparttar 117786 boss. Yes, for you, there is money to be made in catering.

This book will deal withrepparttar 117787 less demanding, less competitive, small type business that a new caterer/entrepreneur can handle from her or his own kitchen or that ofrepparttar 117788 client.


Written by Sharon Dalton Williams

In recent weeks I've watched quite a number of football games, both professional and college. Professional and college football games are played with basicallyrepparttar same rules. In fact, unless you're an "expert" in football, you may not be able to tellrepparttar 117785 difference.

During one professional game,repparttar 117786 announcer was commenting on repparttar 117787 quality of play of one ofrepparttar 117788 rookie players. The rookie had played college footballrepparttar 117789 year before and had been drafted intorepparttar 117790 National Football League (NFL).

The announcer said that it was time forrepparttar 117791 rookie to start playing like a professional. He needed to stop playing atrepparttar 117792 college level and start playing atrepparttar 117793 big league level since that's where he was now. This comment grabbed my attention, and I hope it grabs yours too.

As I thought about that comment, I saw that atrepparttar 117794 college level, players are first and foremost college students working toward their degree. They do play football, but football is notrepparttar 117795 entire focus of their lives. In professional football, repparttar 117796 players live, breathe, and eat football. That's what they do. That's what they get paid for.

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