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-- CASHING IN ON CANOODLING!-- ...Hmmm…is love really inrepparttar air ...or am I just running on fumes from my old jalopy?

- By Theolonius McTavish, a patently absurd roving reporter with oodles of time on his hands to engage in spurious shenanigans likes this one -

Relationship experts abound these days (sort of like mushrooms after a heavy rainfall). Is love really inrepparttar 118086 air ...or am I just running on fumes from my old jaolopy?

Move over Oprah and Dr. Phil!

At long last their luscious bit of lip has spread northward torepparttar 118087 "Land of Cold" (also home to a rather fine book entitled, “Sex inrepparttar 118088 Snow”, -- or allrepparttar 118089 facts you ever wanted to know about how Canucks frump inrepparttar 118090 hollyfuds in below zero temperatures).

Okay, so you’re not interested in fanciful “Frostyrepparttar 118091 Snowman” stories, icky “Ice Cream Queen” tales or “Santa Claus” (and his affair with an Abominable Person of Snow).

Since Cupid is onrepparttar 118092 loose, family and relationship therapists have decided it’s high time to cash in onrepparttar 118093 canoodling craze. They’re now offering free, 50-minute marriage check-ups from February 14-18 (during Valentine’s Week) in Victoria, British Columbia (which is incidentally alsorepparttar 118094 capital city ofrepparttar 118095 "Land of Flakes, Nuts, and Fruitcakes").

So, what might a customer expect from a therapeutic couples’ session? Perhaps, handy hints on how to maintain your one-size-fits-all vixen vehicle or slightly rusty pimp mobile? Or maybe how to avoid pratfalls and speed-bumps (or "sleeping policemen") during a romp throughrepparttar 118096 Tunnel of Love and aroundrepparttar 118097 Garden of Eden raceway?

Special Delivery! Tips for Improving Your Humor

Written by Tom Antion

Delivering humorous speeches involves a lot more than simply having good material. Take some time to incorporate these tips into your presentations and watchrepparttar fun and laughter factors rise.

In Fun

Sigmund Freud wrote: "The most favorable condition for comic pleasure is a generally happy disposition in which one is inrepparttar 118085 mood for laughter."

This concept is called "in fun." If you want your audience to laugh, they must be in fun. You,repparttar 118086 speaker, must be in fun. The emcee or program coordinator must be in fun. The whole program should be designed in fun. Do anything you can to be sure your audience knows that it's OK to laugh.

Time Of Day

The first speaker ofrepparttar 118087 day for an early morning program should not expect hearty laughter. People are not conditioned to laugh a great deal inrepparttar 118088 early morning. Many won't even be awake yet. Use more information and less humor. It's important for you to know when not to expect hearty laughter. It would be a waste of time to use your best material at a time when laughter normally wouldn't be expected. The poor response also brings your energy level down. Many consider brunch and lunch to berepparttar 118089 best times of day to expect a responsive audience. Inrepparttar 118090 afternoon people are starting to get tired so don't expect laughter to be as intense.

Male/Female Makeup of Audience

All-female audiences tend to laugh more easily and louder than all-male audiences. Audiences that consist of more than 50 percent women are good too. The presence ofrepparttar 118091 females provides a good buffer and makes it OK forrepparttar 118092 "big-ego" men to laugh.


No, I'm not talking about how much you weigh today. I'm saying thatrepparttar 118093 size of your audience has a direct effect onrepparttar 118094 types of humor which are most appropriate. Members of small business groups tend to be too self-conscious to laugh much. Use short one-liners. Don't use any long stories or jokes. In larger groups it's OK to stretch to jokes and short stories.

Pre-Program Research

The more you know about your audience,repparttar 118095 better able you will be to pickrepparttar 118096 humor that will getrepparttar 118097 greatest response. Your research beforerepparttar 118098 program will also allow you to uncoverrepparttar 118099 group's inside humor.


The best seating arrangement for laughter is semicircular theater style. When audience members are seated close together on a curve, they can look to their left or right and seerepparttar 118100 faces of each person inrepparttar 118101 row. This togetherness allows laughter to pass immediately from one person torepparttar 118102 other. Contact NSA member and seating expert Paul Radde for advanced seating information.

Choose Funnier Words

Your word choice can berepparttar 118103 key to creating a successful witty line or a dud. In particular, words withrepparttar 118104 "K" sound in them are funny. Cucumber is funnier than mushroom. Cupcake is funnier than pastry. Turkey is a funnier word than loser.

Deliver The Punch

Some humorists will disagree, but I say deliver your punch line to one person and make sure that person is going to laugh. You must punchrepparttar 118105 line out a little harder and with a slightly different voice thanrepparttar 118106 rest ofrepparttar 118107 joke. Lean intorepparttar 118108 microphone and say it louder and more clearly than you saidrepparttar 118109 setup lines. Ifrepparttar 118110 audience does not hearrepparttar 118111 punch line, they aren't going to laugh.

Deliverrepparttar 118112 punch line to a person you know will laugh, so that others will be positively influenced to laugh. How do you know if a person will laugh or not? Pay attention to those who have been laughing, those nodding their heads in agreement with you duringrepparttar 118113 program, and those you identified beforerepparttar 118114 program.


Pausing just before and just after your punch line givesrepparttar 118115 audience a chance to "get"repparttar 118116 humor and laugh. Absolutely do not continue to talk when laughter is expected. If you do, you will "step on" your laughter and squelch it quickly.

Make It Relevant

If you make all your attempts at humor relevant to your presentation, you get an automatic excuse from your mother if your humor is not all that funny. If your humor is received as funny, so muchrepparttar 118117 better; but if it isn't, at least you made your point. Audiences will be much more tolerant ifrepparttar 118118 humor ties intorepparttar 118119 subject at hand. Use this formula:

A. Make your point.

B. Illustrate your point with something funny.

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