Written by Eldonna Lendor

The Caribbean Single Market and Economy (CSME) involvesrepparttar free flow of labour, goods and capital among participating Caribbean Community (CARICOM) members states. The emergence, of this single market means that legal and administrative restrictions affecting trade, labour and technology withinrepparttar 143827 CARICOM region will generally be a thing ofrepparttar 143828 past.

But one ofrepparttar 143829 greatest advantages is that it will encourage intra-regional trade and allow CARICOM states to negotiate as a single entity. This will afford them a better opportunity to influence policies concerning global trade. Perhapsrepparttar 143830 region may soon be a force to reckon with inrepparttar 143831 next round of World Trade negotiations.

The major issue for each state is whether its existing businesses and workforce can surviverepparttar 143832 increased competition when businesses that are more successful enterrepparttar 143833 local market. Many states are uncertain as to whether their local economy can surviverepparttar 143834 transition. From all indications, it appears thatrepparttar 143835 CSME is about survival. Businesses that do not haverepparttar 143836 resources or capacity to compete will surely whither away. States that fail to develop their capacity must prepare to deal with economic calamity.

OK! Now I Am Ready To Close Gitmo!

Written by J.J. Jackson

A friend of mine and I were talking aboutrepparttar horrible claims of abuse by our soldiers inrepparttar 143779 prison at Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Gitmo has beenrepparttar 143780 source of many complaints overrepparttar 143781 way we have been treating those captured waging a war againstrepparttar 143782 United States. And as my friend and I discussedrepparttar 143783 abuse of our “guests” we realized that we were only willing to support certain things inrepparttar 143784 name of preserving liberty.

We could ignorerepparttar 143785 complaints aboutrepparttar 143786 prisoners being required to stay in stress positions andrepparttar 143787 strain they may endure if they are not co-operative. We could forgiverepparttar 143788 horrific acts of forcing them to strip down to their birthday suits inrepparttar 143789 name of getting information. We didn’t find anything wrong with puppet shows satirizing terrorists. We sloughed off complaints about desecration ofrepparttar 143790 Koran especially when it came to light that more prisoners abusedrepparttar 143791 so-called Holy Book than guards did. Heck and whenrepparttar 143792 claim was of women guards invadingrepparttar 143793 “personal space” of these terrorists we said nothing because I know people that would pay good money to have women invade their own “personal space”. And when it came to not letting these prisoners go torepparttar 143794 bathroom until they talked and making them go tinkle in their shorts we said “So what!” But I personally came close to calling for it all to end when it was revealed thatrepparttar 143795 guards, in an unmatched act of cruelty not seen sincerepparttar 143796 Holocaust, exposed prisoners torepparttar 143797 music of Christina Aguilera. I’m sorry, but that is just plain cruel! But I did manage put my outrage aside and lookedrepparttar 143798 other way because I knew there was a greater good being served.

But now I have come across new evidence of abuse that I can no longer overlook. And that is why today, I come before everyone to say that it is time to close Gitmo and try our men and women for war crimes. You ask what is it that has made me change my tune? What abuse could be so horrific?

The abuse I speak of is jetlag! Yes, you heard me correctly -- jetlag. We have taken these prisoners from acrossrepparttar 143799 globe and flown them hours and hours to a remote facility and screwed up their internal clocks! OH THE HUMANITY!

Now, I know some of you are thinking “What? Come on!” No, not even because of this punishment, cruel as it is, should I have changed my position on our treatment of those that are waging a war against America!

Please, I have given this matter a lot of thought. And no matter what you might believe, you must look into your soul and know that this abuse of prisoners has gone way too far. And as Senator Arlen Specter is convening hearings about whether or not to shutrepparttar 143800 prison down, I say WE MUST! We must inrepparttar 143801 name of all that is good and JUST!

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