Written by David Moore

Aboutrepparttar Author: David Moore is a member ofrepparttar 135087 Wealth Online Website system. He is a home based online business entrepreneur, but his first love is his wife Cheri and their three grown children (and one awesome grandson). Dave teaches inrepparttar 135088 Social Science Department at a University (part-time) and has served onrepparttar 135089 administrtative staff of a faith-based humanitarian aid organization. He

"Don't Leave Home Without It." I say, "Don't Leave Home With It."

Written by David Moore


There’s a popular credit card commercial that ends withrepparttar line, “don’t leave home without it.“ Well, I say “don’t leave home with it.“ What I mean by that is this. Why pay for a product by spreading your payments over many months through credit card payments when you can get what you want by paying cash. And overrepparttar 135086 lifetime of those payments you will have actually paid 5-10 times more thanrepparttar 135087 sticker price because ofrepparttar 135088 interest that is added torepparttar 135089 cost ofrepparttar 135090 item. Why not saverepparttar 135091 interest and get more of what you want, or donate to a worthy cause, or help someone you love with that money?

Furthermore, why leave home to earnrepparttar 135092 money you need in order to pay your credit card bill when you can work from home and earn enough money to keep from having to get credit cards inrepparttar 135093 first place? Make sense?

Well, it is possible to earn a comfortable living working from home at your computer. It’s even possible to earn a substantial income if you are motivated and if you are a self-starter. If onrepparttar 135094 other hand, someone has to get you out of bed every morning, start your car for you, and head you inrepparttar 135095 right direction with one of your hands onrepparttar 135096 steering wheel and a cup of coffee inrepparttar 135097 other, don’t try a work-at-home business. While you may be able to sleep in every morning, you will have to spend some quality time working your business. The question is this. How much is it worth to you?

Jeremy Rifkin said, far too often we “continue to addressrepparttar 135098 problems at hand with solutions that create even greater problems thanrepparttar 135099 ones they were intended to solve.” He’s right. We keep trying to solve our financial problems by getting credit cards that inrepparttar 135100 end create even greater problems thanrepparttar 135101 ones they were intended to solve. And when it’s time to think about retirement all we have to look forward to is keeping uprepparttar 135102 minimum payments on those credit cards we now wish we never had. We’ can’t visit are kids and grandkids like we wish we could. We can’t take that ocean liner cruse we’ve always dreamed about. We can’t make a meaningful contribution to an organization dedicated to helping those, who through no fault of their own, cannot help themselves.

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