Buying an mp3 player

Written by Paul K Davies

Buying an mp3 player It seems everyone has one these days, walkingrepparttar dog, traveling work, atrepparttar 150428 gym,repparttar 150429 idea of carrying your entire music library with you everywhere you go is appealing to most of us, but what is this mp3 thing anyway?

What is mp3? MP3, an abbreviation for Moving Picture Experts Group layer III, is a technology that allows audio data to fit into a much smaller space than it was originally, with little or no loss of audio quality. Usually raw audio data is very large and unmanageable and is especially difficult to deal with on portable devices due torepparttar 150430 lack of storage available (your standard audio CD fits at most 80 minutes of raw audio data on it), but mp3 allowsrepparttar 150431 storage of about 10 timesrepparttar 150432 raw audio data into memory ofrepparttar 150433 same size (thatís over 800 minutes ontorepparttar 150434 same 80 minute audio CD).

So whatís WMA? WMA files are Microsoftís equivalent of mp3 files, they offer slightly better compression (more music for your MB) and some additional built in copy-write protection for those over cautious record labels out there.

More and more mp3 players support WMA files these days so itís worth looking out for as there is a growing amount of music available for download onrepparttar 150435 Internet in WMA format.

Audio Quality Ever since mp3ís started to show their face inrepparttar 150436 early 90ís thereís been a constant argument about mp3 audio quality, with many strongly feeling mp3 compressions adversely affectsrepparttar 150437 quality ofrepparttar 150438 sound, whereas others argue that mp3 technology only removes sound data that cannot be heard byrepparttar 150439 human ear, and so could not be of any lesser quality.

Iíve not personally noticed any real difference betweenrepparttar 150440 two, withrepparttar 150441 exception of badly compressed music files, although I can imagine on a fairly large setup for example, some ofrepparttar 150442 missing sound low frequency sound waves could possibly be missed because although you may not hearrepparttar 150443 sounds, youíd definitely be feeling them!

What to look for in an mp3 player.

Memory Type There are currently two types of memory available in mp3 players, solid state and hard disk. Solid state memory is usually very fast and does not suffer from skips, where hard drive memory is like a small version of your personal computers main disk storage, although these are not supposed to suffer from skipping, Iíve personally known this to be a problem on certain models during a brisk walk or jog.

The main difference betweenrepparttar 150444 two isrepparttar 150445 size available, solid state players are currently ranging between about 256mb and 2Gb, whereas hard disk players have an average storage capacity of around 20Gb, over 10 times larger thanrepparttar 150446 solid state models.

So you ask, why would you bother with solid state memory? Well, itís usually a matter of price, you can pick up a 1Gb solid state mp3 player for under £50 these days but hard disk players start at around £130.

Free GPS Software

Written by Anne King

I took a look at some ofrepparttar online offers for free GPS software and found, like many "free" offers there were often limits and provisos involved. Oftenrepparttar 150366 freeware is a scaled--down version of purchasable products. Sometimesrepparttar 150367 free product has restricted functionality with features disabled, other products are trial--based and are disabled after a certain time (hours or days or use).

An example of limited free GPS software can be found at GPS Utility. The downloadable freeware is limited 100 waypoints and 500 track points. (There are 65,000 of each inrepparttar 150368 registered version of their program.) The free program gives you a good opportunity to try before you buy, and this isrepparttar 150369 benefit of most free programs.

There are online sites that list various free GPS software and describe how to userepparttar 150370 programs after you download them. Often individuals who have usedrepparttar 150371 programs themselves developrepparttar 150372 sites. These are great because they give you an unbiased interpretation ofrepparttar 150373 benefits and disadvantages ofrepparttar 150374 programs before you use them.

Using free GPS software you can download programs that allow you to retrieve and display aerial photos, topographical maps, USGS landmarks. There are programs available that allow you import scanned images and add latitude and longitude points and other data.

Free GPS software downloads are available for PDA units that are capable of communication with GPS receivers. With these downloads you can have a useful navigation assistant, location database manager, and GPS data converter.

Programs to manage GPS waypoint and route files are available for both PC and Mac users. The waypoints and route files can be saved or converted to various formats used by other mapping programs.

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