Buying a Satellite Navigation (Satnav) system for your car

Written by Paul K Davies

Buying a Satellite Navigation (Satnav) system for your car.

Once they were only forrepparttar rich and were only fitted inrepparttar 149723 very high end cars but today SatNav systems are available to all. You can either opt forrepparttar 149724 in-car fitted systems that are still quite expensive or you can go forrepparttar 149725 handheld or protable units. This article is aboutrepparttar 149726 latter.

What is SatNav?

SatNav is a system that comprises of 2 elements, a GPS data receiver and a CPU/display unit. The receiver gets information from orbiting GPS navigational satellites and communicates it torepparttar 149727 CPU/display unit. This unit is then able to find its exact location onrepparttar 149728 planet by comparing signals from various satellites.

The unit incorporates road maps ofrepparttar 149729 area and places an indicator onrepparttar 149730 map showing whererepparttar 149731 car is onrepparttar 149732 maps.

Features The units allow you to plan a journey ahead of time and thenrepparttar 149733 unit will guide you to you destination by displaying a map showing you where you are andrepparttar 149734 direction you should be heading. Most now have voice instructions sorepparttar 149735 unit will tell you, when you are approaching a junction, which turning you should take. The units are also capable of making real time adjustments torepparttar 149736 route, this means that if you gorepparttar 149737 wrong wayrepparttar 149738 until will recalculaterepparttar 149739 route to your destination taking into accountrepparttar 149740 wrong turning you have just made.

Maps The maps forrepparttar 149741 unit can be loaded forrepparttar 149742 different regions you visit, so they may have a map ofrepparttar 149743 UK and another for France and so on. Most modern unit haverepparttar 149744 maps stored on a removable memory cards like SD cards or similar memory card but some units read directly from a CD or DVD. The display can be set to showrepparttar 149745 conventional flat map view orrepparttar 149746 new 3D view that shows a view as if it was above you and looking forward. This view is very good and clear.

Traffic Some units offer systems that will warn you of road works/traffic jams etc as they happen, and offer suggestion as to how to avoid them.

POI Most units have POI's (Points of Interest) incorporated into them that will show things like garages, restaurants, historic sites, airport and ferries etc. You can also add your own POI's of your favourite places. One POI that is very popular isrepparttar 149747 location of allrepparttar 149748 speed camera and accident black spot locations.

Give your PC a monitor makeover

Written by Adam Fletcher

Gone arerepparttar days where you are forced to stare at white blips on black screens.

As far as computer displays are concerned, a PC user can choose from a wide range of sleek and snazzy models.

Whether you are crunching figures at a front office job or crouched over a blood and gore video game in some deep recess of your room, there isrepparttar 149667 right kind of screen available to suit your needs.

Monitors are one segment where you are truly spoilt for choice.

Be it a 15-inch, 17-inch or 19-inch CRT monitor* or a sleeker range of LCD screens*, there is a wide range to fit your budget. Hardware Software Articles:

*Size and resolution*

There are two aspects you must consider when selecting a monitor: physical size and resolution.

Screen size isrepparttar 149668 diagonal screen measurement, usually in inches. For instance, a computer monitor display might be 14 inches wide and 11 inches tall. This same screen has a diagonal measurement of 19 inches, which isrepparttar 149669 screen size.

Monitors also have an aspect ratio.

This isrepparttar 149670 ratio betweenrepparttar 149671 horizontal dimension andrepparttar 149672 vertical dimension (horizontal dimension divided by vertical dimension). Common monitor aspect ratios are 4:3 (1.3333) and 5:4 (1.25). Basics:

A 4:3 aspect ratio meansrepparttar 149673 picture is 4 units wide for every three units of height.

Wide screen monitors are easier onrepparttar 149674 eye (and much more expensive).

The higherrepparttar 149675 resolution,repparttar 149676 greaterrepparttar 149677 ability to render more detail. If you work with graphics or enjoy graphic-intensive games, you will need a monitor with higher resolution.

With most currently available models being flat screened,repparttar 149678 difference is inrepparttar 149679 size and picture quality. A resolution of 1024 x 768 is a good one for most users.

*CRT monitors*

If you've decided to get a new CRT, make sure it has a sufficiently high refresh rate. This refers to how oftenrepparttar 149680 screen is redrawn per second. With low refresh rates you can get screen flicker and eyestrain. Virus:

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