Buying a Home Theater Receiver

Written by Kenny Hemphill

Buying a receiver is one ofrepparttar most important decisions you're going to have to make when building your home theater. The receiver has a number of functions including; connecting and switching audio sources; connecting and switching video sources; decoding surround sound formats; amplifying an audio signal and sending it to your speakers; tuning in to radio stations; and acting asrepparttar 110049 interface between you and your home theater.

The first thing to think about is whether you want a receiver at all or would you be better off buying a separate decoder, amplifier, and tuner?

Despite being a more expensive route - not to mentionrepparttar 110050 extra space needed - separates do have some advantages. You can pick and choose your own combination of components, can upgrade each component individually and won't lose allrepparttar 110051 functions if one piece develops a fault. On top of that, having each electronic component in a separate box does improve sound quality when compared with having them all on one circuit board.

However,repparttar 110052 separates route is more expensive, more complicated and needs more space than buying a receiver. And for most people its uneccessary. Today's receivers do a very good job in all of their functions.

So what should should you look out for when buying a receiver? The first thing is to make sure that it has llrepparttar 110053 inputs you need forrepparttar 110054 equipment you need to connect to it. Sounds obvious, but its very easy to overlook. As a mimimum it should have digital audio inputs (optical and co-axial) for Dolby Digital and/or DTS. It should also have analogue audio inputs for CD player, set-top box and possibly DVD-Audio or Super Audio CD player (the last two currently don't have digital outputs in order to make it less easy to pirate CDs).

Mobile Phone Ringtones via the web and on audio CDs

Written by Robert Harper

Dear Music Fans,

Just have a few minutes to write... just wanted to share a little bit of information. I thought that music downloading were going to destroy sales ofrepparttar regular compact disc. Wrong. Manufacturers are starting to add interesting tools like ringtone creators. Listed below are a few ringtones I've found.

P.S. Complete article withrepparttar 110048 related links available onrepparttar 110049 website.

Country Music Ringtones, a random selection of country music ringtones mp3 files for your phone,courtesy of mobile1ringtones.


Some ofrepparttar 110050 available artists and songs

Drinking Bone Country Music Ringtone by Tracy Byrd Friends in Low Places by Garth Brooks He Stopped Loving Her Today by George Jones Carrying Your Love With Me by George Strait I Melt Ringtone By Rascal Flatts

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