Buying Textlinks: the Latest SEO Craze

Written by Veronica Dubak

With search engine algorithms changing seemingly daily,repparttar quest to rank high inrepparttar 139894 search engines and stay there is proving to be quiterepparttar 139895 challenge for most webmasters. One ofrepparttar 139896 more recent popular ways of achieving this is through buying text links on websites that have high PRís (page ranks) on Google and that also rank well inrepparttar 139897 other major search engines. Is buying text link placement worth it?

Purpose Ėrepparttar 139898 primary purpose of buying a text link on a website that ranks better in search engines than yours is to receive a backlink to your site, without having to reciprocate a link back (as this dilutesrepparttar 139899 quality of a link). This backlink counts as a ďvoteĒ for your website and especially if coming from a site that is credible torepparttar 139900 search engines, helps your site establish credibility as well. For example, a website has been online for three years and currently has a PR of 7. Your site is three months old and has a PR of 2. The 3 year old website places a link to your site from their homepage. As this site has history and is therefore established, this ďvoteĒ from a PR 7 website holds a lot of value. Compare this to a site linking to yours that is only a year old and holds a PR of 1 Ė it makes sense that you would want links coming from older sites that have high PRs. The higherrepparttar 139901 number andrepparttar 139902 betterrepparttar 139903 quality of backlinks your website receives, generallyrepparttar 139904 higher your rank onrepparttar 139905 SERPs (search engine results page).

Not only are text links great for search engine purposes, but if placed well, can actually drive traffic to your site. And whose website nowadays couldnít use more traffic? Enough said.

Those arerepparttar 139906 benefits behind purchasing text links. But what arerepparttar 139907 disadvantages?

1)Cost Ė itís not uncommon to pay $100 monthly for a 3 word textlink on a PR 6 website. If you do choose to go this route, choose your text carefully and budget wisely.

PPC search engines are ok: what about their partners?

Written by Guido Ciapponi

Pay per click search engines are one ofrepparttar most effective ways to drive targeted customers to your web site. Iím sure you know them already. If you are serious about your internet business (and Iím sure you are), you must consider them for your advertisement campaigns, as they allow you to receive immediatelyrepparttar 139498 visitors you need and itís very easy to calculate your return on investment. There are literally hundreds of pay per click search engines in operation now; but very few of them will actually deliver you traffic, regardless of their promises. This is a market that has been cornered by a handful of companies and, of course, they are very different one another. Ppc companies gain their coverage by offering webmasters search boxes/feeds under a revenue share arrangement, i.e whererepparttar 139499 webmaster will be paid for each search carried out via their site, or for each click a search generates. The best pay per click engines have thousands of affiliate sites in their networks. But it could be a problem for your business. Ppc search engines donít accept every

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