Buying Pearl Jewelry Without Being Ripped-Off

Written by Sam Serio

Buying pearl jewelry can be fun, exciting and confusing. Whether you’re considering a gift of pearl jewelry for someone special or as a treat for yourself, take some time to learnrepparttar terms used inrepparttar 145864 industry. Here’s some information to help you getrepparttar 145865 best quality pearl jewelry for your money, whether you’re shopping in a traditional brick and mortar store or online.

Pearls Natural or real pearls are made by oysters and other mollusks. Cultured pearls also are grown by mollusks, but with human intervention; that is, an irritant introduced intorepparttar 145866 shells causes a pearl to grow. Imitation pearls are man-made with glass, plastic, or organic materials.

Because natural pearls are very rare, most pearls used in jewelry are either cultured or imitation pearls. Cultured pearls, because they are made by oysters or mollusks, usually are more expensive than imitation pears. A cultured pearl’s value is largely based on its size, usually stated in millimeters, andrepparttar 145867 quality of its nacre coating, which give it luster. Jewelers should tell your ifrepparttar 145868 pearls are cultured or imitation. Some black, bronze, gold, purple, blue and orange pearls, whether natural or cultured, occur that way in nature; some, however, are dyed through various processes. Jewelers should tell you whetherrepparttar 145869 colored pearls are naturally colored, dyed or irradiated.

Clams, oysters, mussels and many other mollusks with limy shells are known to produce pearls. But very few kinds yield gem pearls of jeweler's quality. The pearl is an abnormal growth of mother-of-pearl, or nacre, imbedded inrepparttar 145870 soft bodies of these shellfish. It is built up, layer upon layer, inrepparttar 145871 same way as nacre is added torepparttar 145872 lining ofrepparttar 145873 growing shell and always hasrepparttar 145874 same color and luster. For example, overrepparttar 145875 country, hundreds of good-sized pearls are found each year inrepparttar 145876 oysters we eat. Unfortunately these have no commercial value regardless of whether they have been cooked or not because they are dull opaque white or purple likerepparttar 145877 shell ofrepparttar 145878 parent oyster. In recent times almost all pearls of gem quality come fromrepparttar 145879 oriental pearl oyster which has a bright shimmering translucent nacre.

Celtic Jewelry

Written by Sam Serio

Celtic jewelry likerepparttar Celts themselves has a rich history and a proud tradition. Immensely beautiful with intricate Celtic symbols and delicate designs, Celtic cross jewelry, Celtic knot jewelry, and beautiful Claddaugh rings have been admired and desired for thousands of years. Celtic Cross Jewelry One ofrepparttar 145839 most enduring, and coveted "gifts" of Celtic culture is jewelry featuringrepparttar 145840 Celtic Cross. According to Irish legend, St. Patrick createdrepparttar 145841 first Celtic cross by drawing a circle over a Latin cross. For an Irish Catholic,repparttar 145842 circle inrepparttar 145843 Celtic cross may be a symbol of eternity andrepparttar 145844 endlessness of God's love. It can even represent a halo emanating from Christ. Some sayrepparttar 145845 four "arms" ofrepparttar 145846 Celtic Cross representrepparttar 145847 elements (fire, earth, air, and water). Others believerepparttar 145848 cross denotesrepparttar 145849 four directions ofrepparttar 145850 compass, and still others feel it is a representation of human existence - mind, body, soul and heart. Celtic Knots The most distinguishing characteristic of Celtic knots is their intricate patterns and design…andrepparttar 145851 debate as torepparttar 145852 meaning of those designs. While it is unquestionable that many ofrepparttar 145853 ancient designs had some significance, those meanings changed from tribe to tribe and location to location. Many believe thatrepparttar 145854 intricate looping in knots was a way to keep out evil spirits. It is also generally accepted thatrepparttar 145855 looping Celtic knot design denotes eternity and interconnectedness. Still, there is no definitive guide as torepparttar 145856 meaning of Celtic knots which, adds, perhaps to their mystery and appeal. Claddagh Rings Named forrepparttar 145857 town of Claddagh near Galway in which they are said to have originated, Claddagh rings are beloved Celtic symbols of Irish culture and sentiment. Unlike other Celtic symbols,repparttar 145858 meaning behindrepparttar 145859 Claddagh ring is well-documented. The Claddagh design has a heart (symbolizing love) topped by a crown (symbolizing loyalty) held in two hands (signifying friendship). The phrase that is usually associated withrepparttar 145860 giving of a Claddagh ring is "Let love and friendship reign."

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