Buying Links for Free Traffic-Is it Worth the Price?

Written by Leah J Bradshaw

The debate rages on forums all overrepparttar internet-should one buy text links to improve traffic? Here we'll dicuss some ofrepparttar 142239 aspcets of buying links.

First, many link text brokerage sites sell links from a network of websites that may or may not have

relevance to your own website. The problem here is one would be trading value for quantity. If a link

is of no interest to visitors of these network of sites thenrepparttar 142240 traffic from these sites will be very low.

The only value ofrepparttar 142241 link would be to boost page rank. But whether these links will boost page rank is debateable at best. Many SEO experts believe that a link that is not relevant torepparttar 142242 page from whichrepparttar 142243 link is on is penalized by Google.

Still there are those who question this reasoning simply because Google bombing still works, as does blogspam. The topic is very debateable. Many claim that google can't differentiate between a link that is paid for and one that is not. Logically this is correct, but Google can spiderrepparttar 142244 contents of a page, and ifrepparttar 142245 links on that page are of no relevance torepparttar 142246 rest ofrepparttar 142247 contentrepparttar 142248 spider knows.

Tips for building a great business website

Written by Arun Pal Singh

Copyright 2005 Arun Pal Singh

A website is lifeline of internet home business. In order to succeed you must have a website that that meetsrepparttar general criteria of accepted standards. Flavor of each site varies according torepparttar 142121 intended business and choice ofrepparttar 142122 owner. But there are guidelines which should be kept in mind while you work to develop your own e-shop.

First of all isrepparttar 142123 domain name. It isrepparttar 142124 address to your website. So it should be kept simple and easy to remember. Try as for as possible to include letters only in your website name. Numbers are most easily forgotten. So arerepparttar 142125 hyphens and underscores. They take time to get registered and fade quickly. Domain names should be themed around your business. Try to keep it short and sweet.

Focus on your customer. Always keep your customers first. Remember! Everybody is busy and so are your customers. Nobody will haverepparttar 142126 time to search for your products if you do not guide them well. With this in mind a website should be developed for maximum benefit. There are other things which appear small and obvious but together they add up to quite a difference to your home business.

To name a few ---

# Orientation What is your website? What can a visitor get from your site?

# Fast loading - Very essential. If it takes a long timerepparttar 142127 person will definitely get annoyed and closerepparttar 142128 page. There goes your potential sale.

# Easy Navigation Canrepparttar 142129 customer move through your site effortlessly back and forth from each page? Arerepparttar 142130 hyperlinks working well? Make sure they do.

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