Buying Jewelry for Motherís Day or How To Buy The Perfect Gift for Mom Without Getting Ripped Off

Written by Sam Serio

Jewelry can berepparttar perfect gift for mom on Motherís Day, but there are pitfalls, especially if you rush atrepparttar 147644 last minute. Procrastination and a lack of knowledge can be rewarded with overpaying for a piece of jewelry or even worse, being ripped-off. A gift of jewelry can be expensive. Asking friends, family and co-workers if they can recommend a website, brick and mortar store or local crafts person can help. Checking withrepparttar 147645 better business bureau is also a commendable approach. When you are shopping, askrepparttar 147646 salesperson to write down any information you might rely on to make your purchase and before you buy, ask forrepparttar 147647 storeís refund and return policy. When ordering online, keep printouts ofrepparttar 147648 web pages with details aboutrepparttar 147649 transaction, including refund and return policies if youíre not satisfied. Six Smart Shopping Tips for Motherís Day and Beyond 1. Thereís a big difference between 14 karat gold and gold-plated jewelry. Fourteen karat (14K) jewelry contains 14 parts of gold, mixed in throughout with 10 parts of base metal. Gold-plated describes jewelry with a layer of at least 10K gold bonded to a base metal. Gold plating eventually wears away, depending on how oftenrepparttar 147650 item is worn and how thickrepparttar 147651 plating is. 2. If youíre buying a watch, determine whether you want one that runs on a battery or one that must be wound daily. Ask if a warranty or guarantee is included, how long it lasts, and what parts and repair problems it covers. Also ask how and where you can getrepparttar 147652 watch serviced and repaired. 3. Knowrepparttar 147653 difference between laboratory-created gemstones and naturally mined stones. Stones created inrepparttar 147654 lab are visually identical to stones mined fromrepparttar 147655 earth. The big difference is inrepparttar 147656 cost: laboratory-created stones are less expensive then naturally mined stones. But because they look must like stones mined fromrepparttar 147657 earth, they must be identified as lab-created. If you want a naturally mined stone, ask if it has been treated. Gemstone treatmentsĖ such as heating, dyeing or bleachingĖ can improve a stoneís appearance or durability. Some treatments are permanent; some may create special care requirements. Treatments also may affectrepparttar 147658 stoneís value.

Amber Mysteries Revealed

Written by Sam Serio

Amber,repparttar gem of a stone that's not really a gemstone at all, is actually fossilized pine sap. People have collected, traded, carved, and coveted amber for more than 10,000 years. Yet despite our fascination with it, much aboutrepparttar 147643 smoky yellow stone --repparttar 147644 history of amber -- remains a mystery. The price for amber stones varies widely, inrepparttar 147645 right price range for Average Joe's (and Joannas) who can spend as little as $20 for amber and silver jewelry, and also for high-rollers ready to spend $40,000 or more for a "slice of sunshine" in amber jewelry crafted in gold, platinum, and featuring other gemstones. And although it not an official "birthstone -- a designation reserved for actual gemstones -- amber is often presented to those born underrepparttar 147646 sign of Taurus (April 19-May 19). History of Amber Amber is found in Myanmar home torepparttar 147647 largest piece of transparent amber inrepparttar 147648 world (33.5 pounds and 40-50 million years old), as well as Lebanon, Sicily, Mexico, Romania, Germany, and Canad. The two main sources of amber onrepparttar 147649 market today, however, arerepparttar 147650 Dominican Republic andrepparttar 147651 Baltic states. Once highly regulated, Baltic amber has become more widely available due to more liberal economic policies in Eastern Europe. Today,repparttar 147652 whole world enjoys amber minded fromrepparttar 147653 Baltic region, whererepparttar 147654 largest mine is in Russia, west of Kaliningrad. Baltic amber may also be found in Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Poland, Russia. Baltic amber has even washed up onrepparttar 147655 shores ofrepparttar 147656 Baltic Sea in Denmark, Norway, and England. Baltic amber isrepparttar 147657 oldest geological specimen to be used in jewelry. Archeologists digging nearrepparttar 147658 Baltic Sea have found evidence of Baltic amber jewelry that is approximately 40,000 years old.

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