Buyers Guide for Aftermarket Replacement Car Seats

Written by Charles Truett

Aftermarket replacement car seats come in a variety of colors and styles. This can be a tricky and potentially costly decision to make. But it does not have to be. This is no different than buying anything else. Just do a little research. We are going to provide a few hints to make your experience a little easier.

1. Buy from a reputable dealer.One way to check this is to email them and ask a few questions before you purchase. How long in business, who their supplier is, what support do they offer etc.

2. Although you might be tempted to buyrepparttar lastest fad such as new designs and such you are better off staying with your original color and design as this will preserverepparttar 149619 value of your vehicle.

3. Before you purchase make sure they guarantee that your new seat covers fit with a money back guarantee.

Toyota Tundra Recall: New Trucks Brakes Break

Written by Anna Henningsgaard

Toyota Tundra models have serious break problems, many of which Toyota is refusing to take responsibility for. Toyota recently issued a recall notice for its 2004-2005 model Toyota Tundras equipped with dual exhaust because one ofrepparttar exhaust pipes was found to rub againstrepparttar 149606 brake line. Toyota states that this will “possibly cause brake fluid leakage and raiserepparttar 149607 risk of a crash”. To put it honestly,repparttar 149608 friction will cause break fluid to leak andrepparttar 149609 brakes will fail. Whetherrepparttar 149610 car crashes or not depends on how fast you are going, whether you are driving downhill, andrepparttar 149611 behavior of vehicles surrounding you.

Toyota has recently been grievously irresponsible about issuing warnings and recall notices on its Toyota Tundra trucks. There is little question that a design flaw inrepparttar 149612 Tundra causes front rotors to warp very quickly, causingrepparttar 149613 truck to shudder during braking. Toyota even issued a technical service bulletin, but Toyota dealers have not alerted consumers torepparttar 149614 problem. Hundreds, if not thousands, of Toyota owners have been told there isn’t a problem or blamed for “driving too hard”, that is until their 36,000 mile warranty expires. At this pointrepparttar 149615 Toyota dealerships acknowledgerepparttar 149616 brake problem and offer assistance –- at full price.

The Toyota Tundras are breaking down becauserepparttar 149617 rear brakes do not self-adjust properly. This transfersrepparttar 149618 entire braking load torepparttar 149619 front wheels. The front rotors are not designed to withstand that much pressure and heat, and so they end up warping. This is what causesrepparttar 149620 severe shimmy and vibration at all speeds, but especially between 40-50 mph.

Because this is a fundamental problem withrepparttar 149621 rear brakes, rotors that are repaired are completely warped again within 3,000 miles. Toyota has had dozens of other problems withrepparttar 149622 Tundra model, but they only issue technical service bulletins online and make no attempt to inform customers. Unlessrepparttar 149623 Toyota owner checksrepparttar 149624 internet every month or two, it is likely they will not notice their faulty calipers, backing plates, lines, bearings, and breaks until it is too late. Either their warranty expires or they suffer through a car accident. The shaking also damages other systems and components inrepparttar 149625 truck, including transmission and stereo systems. If this has happened to you, you are not alone.

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